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User Info: diablo7238

5 months ago#1
Ok. I see a lot of complaining about peoples powerful engram drops not giving them powerful gear. This is false. It’s still powerful, but there are different tiers of powerful engrams.

I noticed this myself around LL 520 on my Titan. Similar to Taken King and Warmind, there is a certain point where things seem to plateau thats not the softcap.

Before we start.. The way that powerful engrams work is that it gives you a weapon/armor with a higher LL than you current total LL. IT DOES NOT GO BY THE PIECE OF GEAR THAT IS CURRENTLY EQUIPPED.

Tier 1: Dailies, Weekly Heroic Story, Strikes, Gambit, Crucible, Flash point, and Daily Heroic Adventures.

Tier 1s are you most common powerful engram type as you may see. They are also the easiest ones to get. These powerful engrams when you hit about 520 LL start to plateau. After LL 520 they only really offer a small boost to LL like 1 to 2 light over your total LL. These can be good or bad.

Ex. Say your total LL is 530. The powerful engram dropped at 532. This is how its suppose to work. Now this can be positive or negative, but it depends on your RNG.

Say it dropped legs at 532 and your current legs are 524. Thats an increase of 8 light over your current legs. But now lets say its dropped an energy weapon at 532, but your current energy weapon is 535 LL. This is the negative I was talking about. Even though its not higher than the equipped energy weapon its still higher than your total LL.

Tier 2: Nightfalls

Nightfalls are a great source of loot from my experience. They offer a bigger jump in LL compared to Tier 1. Roughly between 5-8 light over your total LL. The good thing about NFs is that this is the only place were blues drop high. They get as high as 5 LL under you. These blues can be really good to fill is bigger gaps of light between pieces you have equipped.

Tier 3: Petra and the Dreaming City

This makes sense because the Dreaming City is the end game destination. Those bounties offer high jump in LL’s. Anywhere between 7-10 light over your current total LL.

Wild Card Tier: Prime Engrams

When these drop, they drop at the LL it shows. So decrypt immediately. These also offer a pretty signifincant boost in LL as well. I’m not sure exact number they boost, but they’re similar to Petra, but are limited.

Other powerful engrams I didn't mention is Clan, Ikora, and Spider. These 3 seem to drop higher than Tier 1 engrams, but not as high as Tier 2. So turn these in whenever you finish them seeing as 2 of them take some time to do.

So to round this up. When trying to level correctly for these steps....

Tier 1 -> Tier 2 -> Tier 3

The others turn in right as you finish/get.

Also a helpful tip. Whatever 3 characters you run at first. Do the opposite the next week.

What I did was run Titan, Hunter, and then Warlock for the first week. This week went Warlock, Hunter, and then Titan. Because what ever character is your last will always be the highest LL character.

I hope this helps some people that are new or that have been away for some time. Have fun Guardians and get that loot!
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User Info: Jswift254

5 months ago#2
Nice. Hopefully this helps in getting rid of the same leveling topics. Sticky requested
(edited 5 months ago)

User Info: Captnhowdy86

5 months ago#3
Thanks this helps a lot! Sticky requested.

User Info: XxZiomaxX

5 months ago#4
Good guide, especially going 1, 2, 3, then 3, 2, 1.

That way you can start and finish on your main.
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User Info: randomsentinel

5 months ago#5
Great post, diablo.
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User Info: diablo7238

5 months ago#6
Thank you all for the support!
Xbox Live GT: xX D1AI3LO Xx
PSN: Diablo7238

User Info: hennethannun

5 months ago#7
Great post Diablo! It definitely matches my own powerful engrams experience to date.

I would maybe hold off on a sticky until we uave more concrete data, but this is definitely a topoc that people should see.

User Info: Brick_Top_

5 months ago#8
Just post Khakis’ video you plagiarist.

User Info: jpridgen0

5 months ago#9
Good post bruh.
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User Info: Brick_Top_

5 months ago#10
In case you're all wondering.

This is where the info comes from
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