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  3. The changes they are making to the raid loot is not good.

User Info: sadiztic666

1 year ago#61
Drkr_Zen posted...
Still defending RNG as a mechanic or accomplishment? Its lazy game design.

Defending it makes you sound like you belong in the BUNGiE PR department, lol.

No. maybe you havent played many games then.

Back in WoW doing the first raid, a 40 man raid, I did it for about 2 months before I even got 1 piece of gear. Not only did I have to beat RNG I had to beat other people for the item too by outbidding them.

Obviously Desiny is smaller scale, but let's be real here. Raid items shouldnt be sold. The idea of that is a joke. It's the most difficult content in the game. If RNG isnt good to you, deal with it. That's how these games have always been and should be. You cant just go buy the best items in Borderlands, Diablo, or most good MMO's. Imagine buying Blackwing Lair gear from a vendor. It's ridiculious and really magnifies the community when a lot of people want this garbage put into their game. What next you can break down exotics into shards then 10 shards to buy an exotic of youe choosing? Let's just make the whole game where you buy s*** instead of having it drop for you in a bloody loot based game.

User Info: SuM24

1 year ago#62
D2 is casual af, so whatever.
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User Info: Xx_King_Beef_xX

1 year ago#63
Cosmickadet posted...
sadiztic666 posted...
Cosmickadet posted...
yeah but you have to grind for tokens to get full armour set, so it's not that easy. Also you might be able to run the Raid just for weapons or masterwork items.

Yeah but you should have to grind the raid and deal with RNG for the gear. I mean what is this game? We can just go buy the raid gear from a vendor? Hey I am missing my head piece now I can just go buy it. Remember running Oryx for that bloody headpiece? If you didnt get it for 3 weeks in a row, you couldn't just go buy it and call it a day.

I think this change is awful. They are making raids even more meaningless than they already are.

Raids have never been meaningless. Also I love the new addition. I like that you can buy the armour piece. And also Raids have been fun for me whether it was for gear or not. I always have a dedicated team running the Raid. In fact I cleared EoW already 22 times. Just having a blast with friends. Don't even give a flying f*** about the new ugly new Raid armour set. Just running it for hopes of a Masterwork item and having fun with friends.

The Eater of Worlds armor for the Titan is awesome though. It looks like samurai armor.
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  3. The changes they are making to the raid loot is not good.
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