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User Info: Climhazrd

11 months ago#11
Its actually my one day off this week without the kids. Got all my adulting done last nite and this morning so if have a solid chunk of grind. Finished with mowing the yard. Came in, installed the update cracked open a cold one and.....aww servers down. I thought they did this s*** on Tuesdays dammit. Oh well back to handsome collection I guess.

User Info: icelt

11 months ago#12
UnderEvolved posted...
Skip outta work today with a bulls*** my daughter is sick excuse...get home a hour later to do some stuff on D2 and servers come on bungie, it’s bad enough this game feels like D1 vanilla 1.5 , but this just so upset me....woulda loved some time without wife and daughter at home to just get it done for 3 hrs

Self inflicted wound.
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User Info: psnshade71

11 months ago#13
DirtyCerberus posted...
Serves you right for lying and saying your daughter is sick.

Yeah what an a******, should probably be working on that karma. Also it’s destiny 1.5 so go f***ing play something else.
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User Info: IamChaCha

11 months ago#14
TC is a scumbag

I once went home early because I told them my daughter was sick, but the difference in my case was that I said she was 'sick with it' to which my boss replied "oh snap!" and let me go home so we could play Mario kart
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User Info: Secramor

11 months ago#15
Idk why someone would have kids NOT to use them as an excuse to get out of things.

User Info: UnderEvolved

11 months ago#16
slayerxelite posted...
I dont believe these bulls*** topics that pop up every maintenance for a second. Only complete a complete moron would decide to go through lying to get out of work to play this game without knowledge of one of the numerous ways to see when any upcoming server maintenance is occurring.

Lol I’ve never complained before..more to the story..been at my job 11 years in nov...don’t like it anymore....and have a few more things to do for wife’s baby shower this weekend....just wanted to knock my crucible challenges out before I get to work
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User Info: SterlingFox

11 months ago#17
Also, to be fair, this maintenance was only announced yesterday, and was only posted on Twitter.

So unless you follow Bungie on Twitter, and/or checked their twitter after 4pm yesterday, you probably wouldn't have known about it.
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User Info: WhillB

11 months ago#18
If I had kids, I would MAKE them sick so I could call out of work.

f*** your Karma, you hippies!
Bing, Bang, Boom... Squish?

User Info: EAims

11 months ago#19
Pretty sure it's been a notification on the companion app for a few days now...

Just sayin.
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User Info: AsimLeonheart

11 months ago#20
The servers are back online. Get back to playing online instead of fighting online. Lol.
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