LOL iron banner does indeed have a mercy

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  3. LOL iron banner does indeed have a mercy

User Info: anony778

7 months ago#21
Most groups playing Iron bannana sucks
what are you talking about? Good players have already got everything they want.

User Info: Rubedo_URTV_666

7 months ago#22
They really need to put the IB drops back in. Hell, I'd even take them at 10 Power and infuse them myself! Just choose a couple things that can drop after a match, and use Tokens for a shot at the full inventory of IB gear. Or have Saladin sell a couple of pieces of low Power IB gear for like 50 Legendary Shards a piece.

I mean, Shards are worthless as it is - they need some purpose.
Gamertag: Rubedo URTV 666
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User Info: xHuckleberry

7 months ago#23
Also, no mention of ships or sparrows.

Could of easily been end game rewards, but nooooooooooo.
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User Info: nickeldreadful

7 months ago#24
i really wish some of you would post your psns lol.

User Info: The Business

The Business
7 months ago#25
nickeldreadful posted...
i really wish some of you would post your psns lol.


Post yours.
Do I have to give you THE BUSINESS?

User Info: ApexMjolnir

7 months ago#26
WhillB posted...
Nothing like flying through space, on the way to a match, grouped with THREE starter ships. Lol

Ya just know how that's gonna go.

I gotta look into these "challenges". I gotta do some of this PvP junk over the weekend.

I just can't seem to force myself after work, during the week.

A PvP event should NEVER go on with no PvE counterpart.

That's just flat out dumb on the Devs.

"Hey, let's run an event that only 20% of our gamers will be interested in, all while the other 80% are b****ing that there's nothing to do."


I turned all my Purple ships into Dust, so I only have the Starter ship... I can tell you right now, if I am on your team, you do not lose.
If what I said doesn't makes sense... it's because you don't want it to make sense.
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  3. LOL iron banner does indeed have a mercy

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