Bungie, plz nerf swords

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User Info: ApexMjolnir

5 months ago#21
At least they buffed the amount of whining abilities of the players. Nerfed common sense. Still play testing tactics.
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User Info: xXsabbathXx

5 months ago#22
Its heavy ammo.

Are you gonna complain about Rocket Launchers/Shotguns/Snipers/grenade launchers too?

Heavy weapons are supposed to be powerful, you only get a small usage before you run out of ammo.

I think swords are basically shotguns that you swing, they both 1HK at close range.

Actually think shotguns are stronger, what advantage does a sword have over a shotgun? Probably only the 3rd person view

User Info: Drkr_Zen

5 months ago#23
MJW posted...
I hate nerfs but I actually agree. I'm not the greatest pvp player but put a sword in my hand and I'm guaranteed 2-3 kills every time I ammo up. Its so easy with the 3rd person view to peak around corners, or to follow your team into a battle and use them as a distraction.

If you know how to aim, you're guaranteed a few kills with any power weapon, though. And, peeking around the corner can easily be done, like that, at any time in a match.

What needs to be nerfed is spacing out the first spawn of power ammo, just a bit. Its crazy how you can have a dude, with a sword, get the first few kills in a match, when people haven't even fired a bullet, yet.
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User Info: sapuramura

5 months ago#24
Git gud is all I can say.
Swords are unuseable as it is, I'll take bazooka any day over sword and I can use it long range.
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User Info: Saintsfawl

5 months ago#25
Swords don't need to be nerfed.

We just need less heavy ammo spawns.

Seriously. They've hardly changed since D1.
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User Info: Saintsfawl

5 months ago#26
Everything will always be better than the s***ty shotgun meta that we had in D1.

So, so thankful that's over.
PSN: Saintsfawl
MHGen IGN: Saints (aka NoctThorn)

User Info: slayerxelite

5 months ago#27
Its ONLY the amount of heavy ammo you get with a single pull that is the problem. It needs to be lowered to be more in check with the other heavy options.
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User Info: zelos736

5 months ago#28
Why would you want nerf swords? They are made of foam and wouldn't do a lot of damage...

User Info: GordonFreeGin

5 months ago#29
Ryu4772 posted...
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He's super serious about this topic.

@CocteauTriplet is a loser with nothing better to do with his time. Seriously.
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User Info: Sloth9230

5 months ago#30
Smogal posted...
They need to make it so sword users have no shields. High risk-high reward.

It's ridiculous how fast a Hunter can just rush people.

No one uses shields
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