why is everyone so negative about the Leviathan Raid?

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User Info: metalsnake69

6 months ago#51
zfenda posted...
From experience, I hypothesize, many people get annoyed because you can find a group fairly quickly but actually passing a room is another story. Mechanics are very simple and it shouldn't take as long as it does.

I've tried helping people many times. Many times we all agree on the plan, everybody says they're on the same page, but when we say go, nothing works in tandem.

I've seen games where people ignore the call to run back into the bunker for dogs. This ......
I've become negative before because I'm consistently near the top of the scoreboard. Even if I'm 20 power levels under other people with near the same load outs, I end up closer to the top. This happened the first week while I was 275 with 290's.

Another time at The Gauntlet. 4 people are fresh. We all 6 agree to wait while they watch a video on the mechanics. Everybody says they watched the video, they're back and ready to go. We start playing. One doesn't have a clue to what he's doing. I ask him did he actually watch the video and he says "no" 😳.

My only memorably good raid experience was joining a group of 5 random people after spending 10 hours in the raid. They said I better be good because they don't have many attempts left in them. Mind you, I was new to Calus. They explained the mechanics and first attempt we got him half health. Within 5 attempts we beat him in only two waves of the shadow realm.

I know this is a long post and probably too much for most readers, but these are the highlights of my experience.

That being said, it's probably the toxic people in the raid that make people negative, rather than the Raid itself.

I'm sad to say it but I've actually stopped playing Destiny 2. These raid experiences sapped the fun out of the game for me. Whereas Destiny 1 I almost always found a group of witty people who loved teamwork and communication. In this Destiny it hasn't been like that for me.

Totally agree, sounds a bit like ur stroking ur ego but i get what u say, some players make the raid a b**** to play

User Info: verschwinde03

6 months ago#52
My only complaint is I don't have time a aila le to grind luke in destiny 1. Still can't join the raid due to power level. So I can't comment on this raid

User Info: Natural510

6 months ago#53
Tedious mechanics which aren't fun (outside of the baths) and taking away loot drops from each encounter would be my guess.
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User Info: Yoshi_Z16

6 months ago#54
I have two major issues with the raid: the loot system and the lobby section between activities.

The loot system is very poor. The drop rates from the chests when completing the activities needs to be increase. Post completion chests should always be the main source of getting raid loot. The token system and keys are good ideas, but they should be in addition of getting drops during the raid. I'd even be happy to have to use MORE tokens to rank up Benedict IF I was guaranteed drops from the raid chests. I'd even like a system where he sells weapons and armour (prehaps rotating them each week) for X amount of tokens.

As for the key system, I like it... but it's not perfect. It's such an arse ache getting your key loot after a raid. It's possible to solo each watcher section, but it's still a hassle. It's good you get frequent exotics, but I can see players not bothering with this very soon once most players get all the exotics they want. The deleting of keys each reset is frustrating too, but I get why Bungie did this (to stop stockpiling to farm for exotics at the next expansion / new exotics becoming available). I think this should be made easier to solo. I imagine a lot of LFG players miss out on chests if their group didn't bother with it mid encounters or post Calus.

The lobby section between encounters is boring. I've replayed it 3 times each raid after doing it once. Sure, you can skip it and go through the labyrinth... but all the teams I've been with either don't know how or want to. It also has to be replayed if you go to orbit. Clearing the same bombardment of adds, wave upon wave, gets very stale quickly. I assume the designers wanted the players to go into the labyrinth to open chests to skip this section, I hope I can encourage my teams to do this. At least this is a good way of farming ammo...
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User Info: Shura_Surplice

6 months ago#55
Lol VoG and WoTM s*** all over this one

User Info: metalsnake69

6 months ago#56
Shura_Surplice posted...
Lol VoG and WoTM s*** all over this one

No not VoG, VoG has very tedious encounters like oracles

User Info: backguard222

6 months ago#57
Not enough shooting.
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User Info: MiniVirus2

6 months ago#58
I actually really enjoyed the new raid... >.>

It's mechanic based, but the mechanics are almost exclusively clean and easy to master.

Looking back at the Crota and WotM final encounters just seem cumbersome now.

I love VoG, but Leviathan is just enjoyable for a D1 vet.

User Info: Izzythewinner

6 months ago#59
>best shaders in the game

>not frumious blue, so not true at all
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User Info: Lestat-vamp

6 months ago#60
I think its the people.. I tried to do raid over the weekend. I've never done it before and people like explain things really fast..Its a lot of information to take in. As usual someone rage quits and then you're just stuck..Seems like a lot of time invested for such little return.
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