Why is everyone in this game so ******* unlikeable and has a stick up their

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  3. Why is everyone in this game so ******* unlikeable and has a stick up their

User Info: Nogoodname

6 months ago#31
You miss Variks, yeeeeees.

User Info: -Bungle-

6 months ago#32
fft_ramza posted...
Asher Mir: Probably the worst piece of **** I've ever encountered, this idiot keeps calling you assistant, keeps feeling superior to everyone, badmouthing Zavala who is a commander while he himself is an idiot loser who was left for dead in a deserted ice rock.

Hawthorne: Another **** who seems to always be mad at everyone for no reason, this is the kind of woman who is mad, you ask her what's wrong and she passively aggressively replies "NOTHING" the type of girl who is always on her period or something and who can never forget, nor forgive any minor insult while she loves to dish them out.

Failsafe: A **** tier character who is rule34 bait and whose "evil twin" gimmick is old, unoriginal and uninspired, a SJWs wet dream.

Ikora: The typical lady that bosses people around, makes everyone feel inferior and holds grudges for life, these women will forgive a cheating husband but make his life miserable reminding him he once cheated.

Cayde: An "edgy" cliché, he tries so hard to be Tony Stark but fails miserably, he's the kind of guy who will make jokes about hurricane Katrina, North Korea and ISIS, offensive and completely wrong.

Zavala: A cuck who always looks like he wants to cry, the kind of guys who everyone took his lunch money as a kid.

Only likeable characters are Balthier, the lady from Titan that asks you to turn on some lights and the chick that sends you tanks.

You can say s***, b****, and s*** you know.
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User Info: fft_ramza

6 months ago#33
Zurriah posted...
Using Edgy and Cuck in the same opening post is enough to make me realize I hate you and honestly don't give a damn about anything you have to say now or ever will in the future.

Oooh i guess my life is over.
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User Info: nikokid

6 months ago#34
Suuuuuuuper random question...... what is rule34?
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User Info: Gravis_Mortorum

6 months ago#35
Confirmed: TC is a snowflake and a cuck. Alex Jones said so.
Also, habanero Cheddar is where it's at.

User Info: Ktimleck

6 months ago#36
Justapoorchibi posted...
Xx_King_Beef_xX posted...
EncryptedJyNX posted...
What, no love for our No Land Beyond wielding friend, Devrim?

shame on you.

You mean the token gay guy? lol

Why does everyone always see British as gay now?! T^T

Because he mentions his husband in passing. I'd say that qualifies.

I have to agree that the writing quality really dipped in this one compared to the original. I can't fathom why they tossed out these decent characters like Eris Morn, Shiro, Variks, Mara Sov, etc., for these inherently unlikable, two-dimensional characters. They're archetypes and nothing more, it's incredibly low effort. Hell, Asher is the biggest f***ing disappointment since he was already established previously and they decided to slap a label on him and call it a day. The thing about humour is that it isn't funny when it's forced. And there's very few jokes that don't feel forced.
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User Info: MiniVirus2

6 months ago#37
fft_ramza posted...
Only likeable characters are Balthier, the lady from Titan that asks you to turn on some lights and the chick that sends you tanks.

Sloane(sp?) is probably the only one I legitimately dislike.

User Info: CarbideTitan

6 months ago#38
Amanda Holliday. Would marry.

User Info: Drkr_Zen

6 months ago#39
I liked all of 'em. More so their interactions with one another. Despite the Guardian being silent this time, because reasons, I highly enjoyed the conversations between Cayde and Hawthorne, or Devrim and Zavala, with Ghost sprinkled in for good measure.

Good stuff. I loved Asher, especially his interaction with Ikora... and in particular his comment about Titans not having a plan, and simply headbutting it. And, anything Cayde is gold. If you don't like Cayde, you're inhumane.

Honestly, the only people, in Destiny 2, I don't like are tryhards, teabaggers and the people I carry through Strikes.
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User Info: PrinceOfHot

6 months ago#40

Give us your examination of Eris Morn. Shes not in the game yet...but she will be.
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