Remember the "For the Puppies" trailer?

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User Info: SterlingFox

4 months ago#1
We got that. Japan got this:
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User Info: FinnH

4 months ago#2
That was possibly the worst thing I have ever seen
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User Info: XxIamKiraXx

4 months ago#3
You just made the list.
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User Info: Kompis_Kanin

4 months ago#4
Yeah, I think I may... prefer "For the Puppies" one... actually
Deep down inside, we all know that Dark Souls 2 is the best one.

User Info: SterlingFox

4 months ago#5
I mean, its all a fairly large step down from the sort of live action trailers Bungie used to do.
PSN: Doctor-Pip-

User Info: Slood

4 months ago#6
It was nice until the parts where more people came and broke out in dance.. For some Call of duty modern warfare, black ops 3. Friday the 13th, dead by daylight, and more

User Info: Element_Pearl

4 months ago#7
I dunno. Seems like a more realistic representation of the game than the puppies trailer. A bunch of morons standing around spamming their premium dance emotes.
Official Holy Dragon Nall of the First Generation.

User Info: p06111981

4 months ago#8
Tbf that trailer is a more accurate indication of what will happen in game.

All of the western trailers showed the vanguard leaders building any army to fight ghaul.

In game the vanguard leaders ran a way and went all emo on us (well maybe not cayde).

User Info: kirbyhoakage

4 months ago#9
loved it! anyone who hates on dancing is a straight up nerd.
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User Info: OllyRoger

4 months ago#10
...this was f***ing amazing.

Now I'm just salty that we can't customize all four digits on the d-pad.
Oh, the dance battles that could have been... <3
Stop telling people how to play videogames.
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  3. Remember the "For the Puppies" trailer?

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