I'm literally at 298 power and...

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User Info: dcowdenjr

7 months ago#51
yea divorce immediately!!!!!

User Info: mikesettokill

7 months ago#52
CarbideTitan posted...
TC's wife:


I'm not being passive aggressive with you, I'm not angry. I'm just trying to talk opinions about video games. Pretend we're talking around a water cooler.

User Info: iTPCi

7 months ago#53
JagerBomberz posted...
My wife won't let me play. She wants to do a complete "electronic detox".

What do I do?

electronic detox?
tell her to stop being a hipster
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User Info: RebornKusabi

7 months ago#54
judge- posted...
next time don't marry someone after 3 months


A controlling partner is an acidic partner. It's okay to be concerned for your mate, but controlling them like you're their parent is not only gross, it's extremely harmful to the relationship- it breeds distrust and anger at your partner.

Instead of doing what she did, she should have done something less drastic and harmful. A simple dialogue would have also been preferred.
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User Info: Sykostuff

7 months ago#55
These kind of stories are always better with some grandma slapping.
We gamers are becoming pretty damn pathetic as a group, let's grow the hell up before we prove the ignorant right.
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User Info: renasunflash

7 months ago#56
I didn't even know you could cancel PS+ and have it actually cease service before the end of the time you've paid for, considering you definitely won't get a partial refund from Sony for unused time.

Unless this was an arranged marriage, you chose to be with this woman and knew what sort of person she was. She's not abusing you, so ... zero sympathy. It's probably healthy to take a break from electronics every so often anyways. At the very least, it'll give you lots and lots of time to talk. Communication was clearly lacking if she seriously thought you'd be okay with her cancelling all your digital services. Now you've got a ton of uninterrupted hours to spend telling her how you feel about that.

User Info: o_mac_2

7 months ago#57
just bang her until she won't let you bang her any more. she'll concede.

User Info: Element_Pearl

7 months ago#58
lol ok
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User Info: Rafficus_III

7 months ago#59
Have lots of sex. So much that she'll need a wheelchair because she can't walk right. Then, hide said wheel chair and resume gaming.
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User Info: middays_deep

7 months ago#60
Raditz is like 5 of you.
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