Should I just restart now and be a Warlock since Hunters are underpowered af?

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  3. Should I just restart now and be a Warlock since Hunters are underpowered af?

User Info: EminemGod

8 months ago#1
Should I? Hunters were my favorite class to play as but in this game they absolutely suck in comparison to Warlocks the clear best class.
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User Info: guimarae

8 months ago#2
How so?
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User Info: Ravaryn

8 months ago#3
Stupid question time: have you gotten Nightstalker yet? Way of the Pathfinder seems pretty strong with that Moebius Quiver.

User Info: CheaterMcCheat

8 months ago#4
They don't suck, stop being so dramatic. They're finally in line with the other classes.

User Info: Kontroll

8 months ago#5
My night stalkers wrecking shop.
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User Info: Okamiaku

8 months ago#6
Weird, as a Warlock I keep feeling Hunters and Titans are better then me.
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User Info: WolfBrink

8 months ago#7
I wreck everything on my Nightstalker...
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User Info: Abefikus07

8 months ago#8
TC don't know bout that arc melee dodge train
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User Info: gaztop77

8 months ago#9
In my experience hunters are kings if pvp due to their mobility.

Warlocks are great for pve though if you are looking for survivability due to void hunger subclass tree.

Ive not tried titans yet but I think they are probably a good all round class for pve and pvp.

User Info: nickeldreadful

8 months ago#10
I have to say, using golden gun in pve with a fire team keeps the supers FLOWING. The super regen perk isnt amazing but its serviceable and once youre full, fill up your team mates and (hopefully non blueberries cause they tend to never use theirs) they pop supers you refill repop and theyre instantly back up..

I feel like a gg is almost a must come raid time for that alone

I really love the arc strider super and neutral game my goodness its non stop kills with dodge and melee and once that super pops its over. Havent unlocked nightstalker yet but to say hunters are bad? Im thinking its a user issue right there
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  3. Should I just restart now and be a Warlock since Hunters are underpowered af?

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