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User Info: Tevor the Third

Tevor the Third
2 years ago#1
I'm not super sure about how the PS2 emulation is done, maybe I'm missing some sort of top level menu.

Is there a way to save in this? It kind of sucks to lose my button configurations and high scores everytime I stop playing.

For that matter is there a way to go back to the menu at all? Or do you really need to reopen the software to switch games?

I could swear the Samurai Showdown 6 port saves your stuff.

User Info: Stray_Zero

2 years ago#2
You can, but with the way the "Anthology" games work out is that they have a save menu (shaped as a PS2 memory card) on the bottom, you can also make the option where you can autosave the game.

And yes, you can go back to the main menu by pausing during gameplay, forgot if it was now either using the touchpad or by pressing options. (You can probably soft reset, if it still works as its a PS2 on PS4 by holding all trigger buttons and press the touchpad and options button at the same time.)
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