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User Info: Gamerguymass

3 months ago#1
So I'm trying to do the quest The Best Defense in Nurnen. When I went there I upgraded the two warchiefs and the overlord I had from long ago when first beat the map. Then I started the mission. When I went to the army screen at some point I saw the two chiefs I had brought up to the mid 40s were gone. Just completely gone. They were replaced with two level 22s.

Then the game f***s me over in the mission itself. I dominated the first enemy chief and sent him away. The next two showed up and I killed them, but the first one I dominated still showed up as a chief to kill even though he was blue. Now he is nowhere to be found and I can't go forward. I quit and start over. I kill five of the chiefs now but the sixth is just orange not highlighted and yellow and is nowhere to be found. I start it over yet again and now the first guy I dominated from the first time I tried it is on the list of chiefs to beat and the last guy is again orange and nowhere to be found.

What the f*** am I supposed to do? Unless I am somehow missing something then this mission is literally impossible for me to beat. I can't find any indication that I am supposed to go somewhere to find the last guy, he just doesn't exist.
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User Info: Olld-Onne

3 months ago#2
Might need to leave the area and let time pass by a bit elsewhere to refresh the captains. I noticed the chiefs were getting replaced oddly for this area while this mission was active. A chief I just dominated would disappear and be replaced with a random unknown one. It's to make the siege plausible for the mission I guess but it's buggy.

When you go back do the mission directly and do not run around killing them and such.
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