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User Info: dragoborn36

3 months ago#1

User Info: Longsnout

3 months ago#2
The online market got wiped, so there're no more microtransactions and the game got patched so there's no need for them either.

User Info: dragoborn36

3 months ago#3
im not talking about that, im talking about actuall players

User Info: nokillingmoths

3 months ago#4
dragoborn36 posted...
im not talking about that, im talking about actuall players

Isn't it single player?

User Info: xiutye

3 months ago#5
There's a multiplayer component (or at least there was, if the servers are still active or whatever) where you can "attack" another person's strongholds and fight their captains ect. I never got into that myself but it is/was a thing.

As far as playing it in general goes, this is one of those games I personally find myself coming back to over and over because of the innate replay value and open ended gameplay provided by the nemesis system.
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User Info: Shotgunnova

3 months ago#6
I only did the vendetta missions (avenging other slain players) last month, but there were often plenty of chances to do those.
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I still get a few messages per day of people either conquering or failing against my fortresses, so it seems people still play. I know I do. I spend a majority of my time ‘farming’ other people’s orcs in online sieges.
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User Info: Longsnout

3 months ago#8
Plenty of online players. If you look at the PSN Profiles page for the game, the online trophies are getting unlocked every day. I kept getting notifications for online vendettas (where you avenge the death of a player) and the occasional one for fortresses getting taken.

User Info: nairby

2 months ago#9
I've put 95 hours into the game so far and still play regularly. I avenge deaths so I can virtue signal about it on social media.

User Info: -Satsuya-

2 months ago#10
I have been playing for a few days and cannot ever raid other people.
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