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Just bought this todayAlchemiist43/18 6:31PM
Are there spiders in this game?BUDY23643/18 6:27PM
Desolation of Mordor NOT showing up?moonlithunter33/17 6:52PM
Quick question. Shadows of Past missions available after Act 2 or not?CancerPants23/16 3:45PM
The Most Optimal Gear, Spec, Strategy To Kill Captains, Tactics For Sieges.
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Jammku213/15 8:28AM
Act 4 ruined this game. I will never recommend it to anyone now.
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Quicksilver153/15 8:25AM
When Do You Think They Will Release A GOTY/Complete Edition?turtles123643/14 10:07AM
Gold Coin dailiesgeckodogma33/13 3:26PM
No RNG rings/runes drop. What are the guaranteed ring drops from story?CancerPants33/13 9:06AM
infiltrating warchief positions...ZeroJinKui53/13 2:50AM
Beast Hunter's Cloak 0/1 kill a Graug while mounded on a Caragor?how?TheBKopenlate43/13 1:58AM
Am I the the only one who doesn't enjoy the "boss" fights?geckodogma63/12 1:02PM
Beast Hunter's Dagger 0/1 stealth kill a captain while mounted on a caragor?TheBKopenlate23/11 8:29PM
Beast Hunter's Rune 0/1 kill a Graug while mounted on a Drake?locations?TheBKopenlate23/11 8:18PM
Maybe I'm not far enough but how do you destroy monuments, also..silverangelzero53/10 3:09AM
The Game of OrcsCadusBane43/10 3:05AM
Orc captains speechescky200393/10 1:27AM
100% completion.. too easy... expansion?doki-doki-panic33/9 11:17PM
Ice Stalker's Armor (how do i 0/7 kill frozen enemies within 10 seconds?)TheBKopenlate93/9 10:39PM
Listening to music well playingcky200333/9 6:55PM
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