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  3. Why Christopher Nolan's Batman gets much hate nowdays?

User Info: 60fps

2 months ago#11
Darknessx9 posted...
I don’t understand this backlash or hate against his films, when they're fairly strong and comprehensible with the exception of Tenet.

I dont see the problem with Tenet either.
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User Info: Ben Reilly

Ben Reilly
2 months ago#12
60fps posted...
I dont see the problem with Tenet either.

I love tenet

While i disagree I understand some people don’t like movies that don’t explain everything to you.
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User Info: Darknessx9

2 months ago#13
60fps posted...
I dont see the problem with Tenet either.

Confusing plot, dunno if it's complex and need subtitles because of the sound mixing.
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User Info: Donomark

2 months ago#14
I remember at the height of the TDK hypetrain, the online fans were insufferable. Very much a precursor to the Snyder bros of today. Everyone claiming that the ONLY way to do Batman was to be mega realistic and that anything remotely comic booky was a bad version. There was literally a podcast that decided to review the Batman comics after TDK came out and downgraded most of them because he fought Darkseid. That's indefensible.

But these days, couldn't tell yeah. They're objectively better than everything to do with the DCEU, except for the costume. Christian Bale gives a far more accurate, believable and dimensional performance as Bruce Wayne than Ben Affleck (I want all the smoke), and the best of the Batman comic book canon was delivered onto film.

TDKR wasn't even that bad, it's the least proficient of the trilogy, but I never got why people say it's a "bad" film. Like, that has to be assigned to a sequel at some point, it can't just be a let down or not as good, it has to be objectively bad. It's too long and I don't love the timeskip, but there's still plenty to like from it.

With hindsight, I'm not a fan of the open and shut Batman legacy it went with. Begins started off as a brilliant beginning for a series, and with how TDK ended going into TDKR it became more of its own thing. But the movies never smacked of "realism" to me. He's still Batman with a Batcave and Batmobile, supervillains and a Bat-Signal. Nothing in the films went against much anything from the comics in terms of spirit.

I think the backlash is partially from Batffleck simping, partially from Snyderfans threatening anything that's not their Nerdgod's canon, and partially for people presenting that they like "fun movies" that aren't so serious, which is funny as none of Nolan's movies are ever as demoralizing as BvS.

Batman Begins is still the best live action Batman film, with a healthy argument available for The Dark Knight.
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User Info: SupersayajinK2

2 months ago#15
I don’t think it’s so much about getting hate but time let’s you be more critical. Coming off the prior Batman movies, Nolan’s movies were great and their flaws less heightened. But time has passed, views have changed and it’s easier to see its cracks. They are still good movies IMO but it’s far easier to see it’s flaws. Especially compared to where comic book movies are nowadays.
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User Info: bith_the_black

2 months ago#16
Dark Knight Rises was crap when it came out and it's crap now. They tried to throw too much into one movie, the characters suck compared to their comic book counterparts for the most part namely (Bane, Talia, and Catwoman), the story is weak, and the acting is just bad from some of the cast. Plus I don't know why they had to give Not-Bane a stupid voice too. I mean they already filled the stupid voice quota with Batman's rasp which he even uses when alone, why do it to Bane with that stupid mask. I guess we got the Harley Quinn Bane kind of born from it, so there's some positives to be had.

Batman Begins is... okay I guess? I found it uninteresting and boring honestly. I hate origin stories for heroes in general, especially ones I've read about over and over and seen before, so I'm a bit biased there. For me though it's a slog to try to sit through it. I never once understood the praise it got, but I didn't find it offensive in anyway. It was just meh. I can get why people like it, but it's not for me at all.

Dark Knight I enjoyed immensely. It might have helped that I had very low expectations, but it was good enough I could overlook the more nitpicky problems with the film like Bale's idiotic Batman voice. Good pace, great acting, and a Batman film I can rewatch time and time again. If any of Nolan's films deserve the praise they get it this one.

Maybe people are finally over the Nolan hype now that they can latch on to Snyder. We just have to wait 10 years until everybody finally realizes his DC films fall in the same boat. 1 decent one (snyder cut), one that's complete ass (Batman V Superman), and one that's divisive (Man of Steel)
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User Info: angleslam99

2 months ago#17
Nolan's movies are good, with the TDK in particular being spectacular, but people claiming it's the perfect representation of Batman in live action is pretty funny. Batman kills in every single Nolan movie, yet people let it slide while condemning Keaton's Batman and Batfleck for doing similar actions.

I love the idea of the Batman films being hyper-realistic to the point where there are no super powers. As a self-contained story it's fine, but as a 'Batman' story it's not so great. I'm not a fan of how they ended the trilogy and tacked on the hamfisted "you're real name is Robin lol" scene. I get what they were going for but the middle of the movie was bloated and messy with the final action scene being big and dumb.
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User Info: Captain_Sorzo

2 months ago#18
Rewatched all three this weekend. Love Begins and Rises, but Dark Knight is honestly the weakest for me by a good margin. It's well-crafted, but the film's take on the Joker never clicked with me at all, and a good portion of it feels either drawn-out (the truck chase in particular goes on for ages) or repetitive (Joker makes threat, people scramble to react, rinse and repeat). Combine that with Bruce's relative lack of character development and the lack of environmental variety, and it doesn't feel like a dynamic journey like the other two do.
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User Info: DigitalV2

2 months ago#19
Degalon posted...
1) because we've grown out of superhero movies needing to be "gritty and realistic".

2) they were good movies but s*** batman films. Only thing "batman" about them was a guy had pointy ears on his helmet.
Done and dusted.

Begins was easily the best of them.
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User Info: Enclave

2 months ago#20
Honestly, Batman Begins is the only one of the three that I really enjoyed.
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