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4 weeks ago#21
Objectively it's 80's, 70's, 00's, 90's, and then whatever the f***. But I voted 90's because that is what I grew up in. It's the type of art and stories I gravitate too. We are a product of our environment after all.

The "aughts" started mediocre, then got much better, then became s***.


The DC "Aughts:"

I approved of the "New 52" relaunch...but they made some odd choices. Like making Question some ancient biblical demon, cutting off Joker's face, metrosexual Lobo. It's like, some of the writers didn't grasp that what they were doing was meant to be permanent. They treated it like they were writing a miniseries or something - with no intentions of ever getting past 6-12 issues.

Anyhow, alot of the New 52 was good...but everything basically got canceled after 6 months. Hell, flash forward to two years later following the cancellation of Animal Man and every god damn title is Batman and the core members of the Justice League. What a terrible way to make new stars.


The Marvel "Aughts:"

Marvel is easier to sum up. They tried that "everyone is a cringy goodguy" tagline thing which failed miserably because it didn't meet their audience. So, they then decided to relaunch everything back to #1 in like 2013, and like the "New 52" it started out very promising, and we got good stories all the way up to 2016.

Then idk what happened...everything went to s***. It's like they stopped catering to their fanbase and decided to write comics for an audience that doesn't read comicbooks...so the old school readers mostly switched to DC. They attempted to bring back their core readers via legacy numbering...but that lasted less than a year before everything got relaunched again.


Yes, the "aughts" as you put it were by far the absolute worst.
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User Info: solderguy1

4 weeks ago#22
Marvel and DC weren't as overwhelming in the 80s either. You had the fun of crossovers, but could still keep up on things. DC seemed fresher and streamlined after COIE. At Marvel, both F4 and X-men had a family feeling.

User Info: fusespliff

4 weeks ago#23
I'm one of the 2 who voted "Aughts".
I honestly believe that comics haven't ever been better than the past 2 decades.
The leaps in technology like digital coloring, the internet which allows artists/writers/... to work/be discovered around the globe, the relative ease for creator owned work to get published,... And the use of higher quality paper and ink in general.

Sure, we get Marvel/DC's annual events, constant relaunching,... but the amount of non superhero (or Big Two) comics these days is simply staggering. It's never been this easy to get "haters" to read comics. Over the past few years I've gotten friends and family to read Saga, Preacher, The Boys, Fables, Chew, Y The Last Man,... despite liking the Spider-Man movies I couldn't get these people to touch the damn comics.

It used to be that once or twice a decade we'd get a Preacher, Watchmen or Sandman. Now it feels like it's once or twice a season.

User Info: spiffyone

4 weeks ago#24
The ‘90s only sucks if looking at Marvel and Image (specifically the Image founders). Everything else was quite good. And even Marvel had their strong points (Marvels, Tomb of Dracula, and the other aborted Epic line, and Groo).

User Info: Phifty2

4 weeks ago#25
I picked 2000s. I mainly read DC so things like Identity Crisis and Infinite Crisis were huge in my decision.
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User Info: Superrpgman

2 weeks ago#26
The current decade has Image's Saga, and Zenescope's Grimm Fairy Tales, so that's an easy vote!
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User Info: Bellethor

2 weeks ago#27
70's, 80s, 90's, early Aughts, 10's

I literally cannot read anything before the 70's and some things made during the 70's, without wanting to chuck it at a wall.
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