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User Info: Killmonger

4 weeks ago#1

Are they worth read or should I skip them? Are the novels any good, also?

User Info: Johnny Blaque

Johnny Blaque
4 weeks ago#2
I've got like 2 issues of that. Never seen the Remo movie or read the novels. The comic is ok. It didn't blow my mind or anything because apparently these are like prequel/side stories to the movie that was coming out. I really loved the format of the comic where it was magazine sized and like a double sized comic with a short extra story at the end. Art was pretty good too. If you like those cheesy 80's style stories where the main character is like a spy but also pulls out weird "kung fu" moves out of the blue, you would like this.

User Info: battleblast

4 weeks ago#3
The novels are pretty good from about Chinese Puzzle on, but can be hit or miss due to the long list of Ghost Writers.

While officially they're numbered, and start with 'Created, The Destroyer', 'The Day Remo Died'(which is available for free on most digital stores) is Warren Murphy's starting point because he felt like it fits better with his vision. After they figured out what that vision was. 'Created, The Destroyer' while I enjoyed it enough to continue really is a bad pilot for the series since you can tell they were still figuring things out. Death Check is still rough around the edges, and Chinese Puzzle is where they figured out having Chiun around more balances the books better.

The books are technically still coming, and at 145 depending on who is counting. Though 'New Destroyer' did botch the counting, and despite the title change are part of the same series of books. If you're looking for a quick recap of Destroyer the 'Assassin's Handbooks' will give you a nice overviews of the lore.

Another important thing to know, Legacy by Gerald Welch is a side series featuring Remo Williams kids. All great books from what I've read(Currently up to Mother Mine, need to pick up Laughing Matter and wow...100 Proof got released while I wasn't looking). Books follow Stone(A former specops who is following more closely in his fathers footsteps then he knows), and Freya(his daughter from a different line of mysterious people, who breaks the Shinanju code by being a woman learning it) as Sunny Joe tries to impart the wisdom of Shinanju upon them and not step on the toes of mainline Shinanju. Though part of the fun of both series is breaking the rules, and seeing what happens.

Though both series hit a transition period after Warren Murphy died. Appears Legacy is starting to find legs again.

I have yet to try the comics much. I just remember the feel being completely different.
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User Info: blackmore

3 weeks ago#4
Legacy is great. I actually had an interview published in the Legacy hardcover that just came out.
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