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User Info: UltraPlanet

1 month ago#1
Artists that make it hard to enjoy the comic you are reading.

User Info: swordmaster69

1 month ago#2
the guy who draws harry potter.

I don't read harry potter though.
Johnny FountainS on youtube
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User Info: swordmaster69

1 month ago#3
Akira Toriyama also sucks at drawing.
Johnny FountainS on youtube
Dave Mustaine is my guide

User Info: swordmaster69

1 month ago#4
The guy who draws wwe comics.

I've seen the covers.
Johnny FountainS on youtube
Dave Mustaine is my guide
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User Info: The_nWjoe

1 month ago#6
Kelley Jones totally destroys a books enjoyment for me.
I am a fan of good comic books.
I don't care what company makes them.

User Info: BigNasX

1 month ago#7
Alex Ross. Not every character needs to look like a 1930's circus strongman.

Can't nobody tell me nothing

User Info: Jagermeister513

1 month ago#8
Robbi Rodriguez. s*** artist, s*** human being.
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User Info: Johnny Blaque

Johnny Blaque
1 month ago#9
Greg Land takes me out of a book with his constantly reused stock poses that he half-asses. Plus his swiping other people's work.

Szymon Kudranski is too much of a slave to photo reference. There is like no improvisation there at all. So it looks so stiff and boring. It's somewhat passable for a book where people just sat around and talk all day but not for an action or superhero book. Same thing takes me out of Michael Gaydos', Denis Calero, and Alex Maleev comics. Some of those guys have improved and gotten less dogmatic about photoreferencing like Maleev.

User Info: DeadlyNinjaBees

1 month ago#10
John Romita Jr. - Whom I presume is a priveledged child due to his Dad. His stuff looks better now days with modern colouring techniques, but that's like polishing a turd (or rolling it in glitter). I've hated him since the 90's. I see things I wanna read and then see the art is done by JRJR, I get sad (like Kick-Ass).

Rob Liefeld - I think I hate him because I used to try and draw like him when I was 10. I thought Badrock was the s***. I also hate him because a part of me likes his stuff a little bit, even though I know it's generally phoned in. Mostly I hate him because he seems like a man-child who refuses criticism and draws while he drives. Hate JRJR more though.

Alex Ross - Opinionated f*** that he is. His art is good, but over celebrated. We go on about Greg Land (we'll get to him) tracing and swiping, but Ross uses photos and models to a degree that gets similar. If it wasn't for his distinctive use of light sourcing, fabric texture, and smooth strokes, it'd be tracing. I remember reading his tutorials as a kid and beign a bit disappointed by how much he used photos for everything (and I mean EVERYTHING).

Greg Land - I felt like I was lied to, basically. I loved UFF. I admired the clean, smooth lines. And it captured human facial expressions in a way that I'd not always seen (Ross being a prior example). After all the swiping/tracing s*** came out, I think a lot of us were like "Ahhhh... Makes sense now!".

Jim Lee - Seriously, f*** this guy. The New 52 JLA sucked, his art has aged past the 90's, and he hasn't really learned anything new, and the whole thing looked like a Storm Watch comic. I f***ing hated Flashpoint happening. Why even bother with all the other Crises? Infinite Crisis ran out of OMAC not that long beforehand, and a lot of good work had been done on some GREAT JLA stuff that is basically being written back in anyway. f*** Jim Lee because the whole kicked off with his "modern" (i.e. early Image comics era) costumes. He'd been vying for an underpants-less Superman since the 90's (there was a whole thing in Wizard where he did an article about it), and his over-lying influence on the New 52 was unfortunate.
Soi Disantra.
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