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User Info: Guts Dozer

Guts Dozer
5 days ago#1

Its Official:

Shows are:
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User Info: theRedDeath

5 days ago#2
This reads like an April fools joke.

Death comes for us all Oroku Saki, but something far worse comes for you. For when you die, it will be....without honor. -Master Splinter
I wonder how raunchy Disney will let them get considering they didn’t allow the Netflix shows to show nips or drop f-bombs despite the constant stream of extreme gore.

User Info: Degalon

5 days ago#4
I'm interested in anything involving patron oswalt.

Tigra and dazzler is random as f*** but not gonna lie, I'm absolutely in LOVE with that tigra design in the pic. What's it from? Reminds me of the 90s avengers cartoon tigra.
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User Info: creativerealms

5 days ago#5

Wait Howard the Duck written by Kevin Smith? I'm interested.
Sarcasm is my basic function.
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User Info: Stardrifter001

5 days ago#6
Didn’t Jeph Loeb arguably already screw up one of these?

User Info: squirrel_boy

5 days ago#7
this is the weirdest f***ing s***. but are dazzler and tigra a team in the comics at any point? that one seems really random

User Info: KadiroKapira

5 days ago#8
Heh... This just popped up out of the random blue. And the use of Dazzler is interesting, mutant and all. I wonder if there's more to this "new pact" Hulu and Marvel have struck up.
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User Info: Mizerous

5 days ago#9
Dazzler is surprising will they bring up her being a mutant?
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User Info: _Spider_Venom

5 days ago#10
squirrel_boy posted...
this is the weirdest f***ing s***.

Indeed but I'm all for it, they had me at M.O.D.O.K.
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