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LazorGuns 3 years ago#1
Now that more details about the series are being leaked, I thought I’d share what I know.


Loki meets the Norns after his death in Avengers: Infinity War and must persuade them to spare his soul from Hel. Tom Hiddleston will appear in bookend scenes and narrate throughout, but the blunt of the story is about Loki’s youth and the events that led him down the path of evil, with a new actor playing young Loki. One name that has been frequently brought up is Fionn Whitehead from Dunkirk and Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. We will also see young Thor, and Rene Russo will have a big role as their mother Frigga. Odin will be away on a mission for most of the story, and the few times he appears, his face will be obscured, with Anthony Hopkins ADR-ing the dialogue. The sorceress Karnilla and the barbarian Ulik will be the main antagonists.

Vision & Scarlet Witch

Vision is reborn in Avengers: Endgame and reunites with Scarlet Witch. They attempt to lead normal lives in the suburbs of New York, but Vision is no longer connected to the Mind Stone and is therefore cold and emotionless. Scarlet Witch attempts to use her powers, which are connected to the Mind Stone, to restore Vision’s “soul”, with disastrous results. This project has been described as a “psychological thriller”, light on action and heavy on atmosphere, and exploring the lead characters’ personal issues. Vision will be in human form for most of it and become the antagonist, as Scarlet Witch slowly realizes she accidentally allowed a dark spirit to possess him. Agatha Harkness will be featured as a mysterious figure attempting to reveal to Scarlet Witch secrets of her past, and there will be a subplot about the public’s backlash against human/machine relations once the true nature of Vision and Scarlet Witch’s relationship is revealed. High-caliber actresses like Frances Conroy, Vanessa Redgrave and Dianne West have already been approached for Harkness.

Falcon & The Winter Soldier

Unlike Loki and Vision & Scarlet Witch, which are relatively self-contained, Falcon & The Winter Soldier will be deeply ingrained in the events of Phase 4, and features Falcon and Winter Soldier being recruited by SHIELD to prevent anarchist group Ultimatum from enforcing a secret plan developed by Hydra to destroy the United Nations. The duo must also deal with John Walker, a soldier recruited by the U.S. government to become the new Captain America, who slowly goes insane and becomes a threat. The project is described as a “spy thriller” with lots of twists and turns, and it relies heavily on Falcon and Bucky’s dynamic, in the same vein as Lethal Weapon or 48 Hours. Emily VanCamp's Sharon Carter will be the team’s contact with SHIELD, and Samuel L. Jackson will make appearances as Nick Fury. William Hurt is also in talks to appear as Secretary Thaddeus Ross.


Early development. Pitched as a “caper” about Hawkeye coming out of retirement to help aspiring vigilante Kate Bishop after she gets in trouble with the organized crime while using his name. Hawkeye’s family would be heavily featured, and Linda Cardellini is willing to return, but Jeremy Renner is still studying his options. The Hood would be the main antagonist, with Trickshot as his enforcer.
LazorGuns 3 years ago#2
Lady Sif

Early development. Pitched as a “sidequel” about Lady Sif’s journey across the Nine Realms after being betrayed and exiled by Loki masquerading as Odin. Beta Ray Bill would be featured as one of Lady Sif’s companions in her journey, and the Enchantress would be the main antagonist. Jamie Alexander is willing to return, but they still are still figuring out a schedule that doesn’t conflict with her TV show Blindspot.

War Machine

Early development. Pitched as a “sci-fi thriller” about Colonel James Rhodes pushing the boundaries of his own humanity as he investigates the theft of Stark Industries’ technologies and uncovers a conspiracy masterminded by an elusive organization that is providing criminals and terrorists with cybernetic enhancements. Envisioned as a “deep dive” into War Machine’s often overlooked lore, introducing his sister Jeanette Rhodes, girlfriend Glenda Sandoval, and friends Suzi Endo and Jake Oh, with Parnell Jacobs and Stewart Clarke as villains. Limiting factors are the budget and Don Cheadle’s schedule.

These are the six projects in active development, but several other ideas are being discussed, like spin-offs about Rocket & Groot, Agent 13, Nebula and Okoye; prequels about Hank Pym and the Ravagers, and even new properties unlikely to get feature movies, like Moon Knight and The Sentry. There will probably be several X-Men projects once the rights fully revert later this year.

All in all, a lot of look forward to.

Here's the archive of it. I know 4Chan isn't allowed to be linked to, but this is an unofficial website that's in no way affiliated with them, so I hope that's okay.


Remember, let's take this with a grain of salt. It's not confirmed until definite, but I feel like it'll be as good as confirmed if/when we get word on the Hawkeye and War Machine shows.

If true, what would you think?
theRedDeath 3 years ago#3
Some of it sounds cool....but also a little fan-fictiony? I'd be down for it if it were true, but this also kind of reads like our typical "What do you think the MCU should do with?" type discussions.

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LazorGuns 3 years ago#4

As said, don't take any of this as confirmed until definite. Just thought it'd be interesting to share.
SchoolboyQ 3 years ago#5
I’m down for the Falcon and Winter Soldier show.
DigitalV2 3 years ago#6
I posted it first, but you got the direct source.
Interesting, but I don't think all this is quite right at this point. I expect elements of it to be true.
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WavyNoobSauce 3 years ago#7
Awesome, I'm really excited for the Loki and Lady Sif shows
Thank You BasedGod!
Colonel_Snitsky 3 years ago#8
SchoolboyQ posted...
I’m down for the Falcon and Winter Soldier show.

Definitely, especially with US Agent in it.
Reaper115 3 years ago#9
Why would SHIELD come back, though? And a Loki show without Hiddleston as the focus? Hmmmmm...
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LazorGuns 3 years ago#10
Reaper115 posted...
Why would SHIELD come back, though? And a Loki show without Hiddleston as the focus? Hmmmmm...

We already knew they were coming back with the next Spider-Man. And it’s already been reported that this was the case with Loki.
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