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  3. IDW Sonic is pretty good.

User Info: Romaji

2 months ago#1
Pretty fast paced too. Breezed through all the current issues this week, and looking forward to the final part of the Angel Island arc.

Was Archie Sonic this good? I read a few way back when, but never really kept up with it. Worth going back to now to get that Sonic fix in between IDW releases? Seems like it's some of the same people making the new series that made the old one.
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User Info: SSJKirby

2 months ago#2
archie sonic is ten times more dramatic than IDW
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User Info: Xclaim

2 months ago#3
I'm glad this new series is apparently good, but without Sally and the rest of the Freedom Fighters I have no interest in checking it out.
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User Info: creativerealms

2 months ago#4
Well same writer from the Archie series. I miss the SatAM characters.
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User Info: Romaji

2 months ago#5
The new characters are pretty cool too (Tangle the Lemur and Whisper the Wolf).

Yes, sad to not have the old characters or a conclusion to the old story, but this one seems to follow the games more. Issue 1 appears to be a direct sequel to Forces.
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User Info: The Rogue Cobra

The Rogue Cobra
2 months ago#6
Definitely gonna check this out soon
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User Info: cleanchris

2 months ago#7
Does Japan do their own Sonic manga, or translate the western stuff?

Always thought it odd that the Sonic comic was an American book.

User Info: Prismsblade

2 months ago#8
I especially loved the action, it had a real sense of speed to it the older series just couldnt offer. I enjoyed the last reboot but this one is pretty good also.
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User Info: Lemmerman

2 months ago#9
I'd been looking for a good place to jump into Sonic stuff, and I'm enjoying this series a lot. It's fun without dumbing itself down to be a 'kids' book. It's the definition of all-ages.
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User Info: 60fps

2 months ago#10
IDW really has that market locked down.

I wish they could do a Thundercats book. Its like the only thing from my childhood without an ongoing right now.
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