does anyone here still watch linkara?

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  3. does anyone here still watch linkara?

User Info: NightMareBunny

6 months ago#1
i think his older stuff was a little better and his newer stuff tends to be more of "i don't know what this is" thanks to the influx of patreon reviews
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User Info: David-Bowie

6 months ago#2
linkara is a dummy and i'm only there for power rangers
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User Info: Mooogleman

6 months ago#3

User Info: battleblast

6 months ago#4
Mooogleman posted...

Reviewer. Think he used to be part of thatguywithglasses stuff(Nostalgia Critic's old website now Channel Awesome). Mostly reviews comics, opens mail(packages of stuff he ordered, and stuff fans sent him), and when youtube isn't dicking him around History of Power Rangers.
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User Info: battteryzord

6 months ago#5
Used to. He kept b****ing about women being sexualized and other crap so now I'm ignoring the rest of his videos because

NightMareBunny posted...
newer stuff tends to be more of "i don't know what this is"

and just wait for his HOPR on ninja steel.
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User Info: Kaihedgie

6 months ago#6
Still do :U
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User Info: Sum_quod_eris

6 months ago#7
who | |

User Info: Mizerous

6 months ago#8
Kaihedgie posted...
Still do :U
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User Info: Krennel

6 months ago#9
Used to, but the caustic critic thing got old. Plus, sketch stuff was just bad.
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User Info: Johnny Blaque

Johnny Blaque
6 months ago#10
Kinda the prototype of the whiny comicbook youtuber with s***ty opinions. Couldn't get into it then, can't get into it now.
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  3. does anyone here still watch linkara?

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