I know Iris isn't liked, but I don't want them to kill off the only black girl

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  3. I know Iris isn't liked, but I don't want them to kill off the only black girl

User Info: Reaper115

5 months ago#11
Iris is the worst. Doesn't she have a job? And why the hell is she the team leader when literally everyone else is more qualified? Cisco, Caitlin, and Harry are all geniuses, as is Barry when he and the writers remember it, and Joe is a veteran cop. Hell, even Dibny has extensive detective experience. There is absolutely no reason she should be calling the shots.

Kill her off. Bring back Patty.
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User Info: SilkPanties

5 months ago#12
Keep Iris, kill Frost.

User Info: creativerealms

5 months ago#13
ohiostate124 posted...
She’s becoming Felicity 2.0. At this point, all the cw shows need to end.

How so? She not a character made up for the show who keeps the hero away from his actual love interest.
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User Info: adhoc99

5 months ago#14
gtomanga posted...
where did this Iris hate came from?

i only watched S1&2 and she seemed fine
at least she's not Lana Lang from small-vile...she was terrible.

The funny thing is I liked Iris and Lana early on, but the story runs dry for both of them quickly. Iris - and Laurel - by similar principle, suffer from TDK trilogy elements (I call it Rachel Dawes syndrome - sorry can't resist). They are shown to be spirited enough to handle low level threats when compared to the hero but when threats escalate in later seasons they can't catch up. This was obvious when they tried to build Laurel from: not even night club bouncer ---> Black Canary, while Iris was: pep talks ---> Team Leader.

Something that's also not helping was instead of learning from the mistakes of Arrow and Felicity & Laurel, they make the same errors while making mistakes which are entirely Flash exclusive. Even when they tried a journalist story it's often inconsequential like when Joe already had a warrant so the CCPD were ready to arrest when CCPN investigates after the fact. This isn't a problem in Supes universe since Clark and Kara are journalists and don't have a detective to overshadow them. If they made Iris a cop or ADA it might have helped, but it may have created distance between her and Barry (afterthought: also not helping was that Barry and Wally have journalists as primary love interests in comics and I preferred the chemistry between Barry and Linda on the show)

In regard to twitter polls, no show runner in their right mind would follow a poll over ratings, which is funny considering Flash S4 ratings resemble Arrow S4 ratings. Pretty bad considering Flash started on a higher platform that Arrow ever did, so the drop is more significant. This unfortunately might vindicate criticism baseless or not, so dismissing them leaves critics saying 'I #@&*!% told you so'.

Fortunately for Iris and Felicity fans I don't think they can kill off either of them since they already gave an impending death story. Arrow 4-1 had implied Felicity might be in the grave (ie. the flash forward came after the Olicity scene and Barry has far more reason to mourn Felicity than any other Arrow character), although that was sunk by 4-9. Flash had more than half of S3 dedicated to a possible Iris death and in a case of trying to have their cake and eat it too, they gave Iris a death scene and monologue when Iris wasn't even the one stabbed. Any death story involving either now has no impact or tension.

User Info: KingArthur3D

5 months ago#15
SilkPanties posted...
Keep Iris, kill Frost.


User Info: Donomark

5 months ago#16
I've not caught up on this season of Flash, but I think Iris is one of the best superhero love interests ever realized in television. Granted I'm mega-thirsty for Candice Patton, but the character's been well written and empathetic since season one when she was the only person in the world who didn't know Barry was the Flash. Most complaints I saw for her character til now came down to basic nerd sexism. Lana Lang from Smallville was a pretty offensive character who you'd have to try really hard to come down to in terms of comparison.
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User Info: Wario_man

5 months ago#17
I stopped watching ages ago but gotta ask, do you think it’s racist to kill off the last black woman or to keep her just because she’s black?

User Info: Master X

Master X
5 months ago#18
Iris has always been likeable to me. But for a few seasons she didn't really do anything, and her current role is...superflerous? How many people are there for backup? Three super scientists, backup Flash, instant home-warp from someone if needed, police backup. Plus it's been four years and Barry has stuff mostly down. I want to see her back reporting, but with a Chloe wall of weird vibe, getting into her own hijinks. With the revelation there's 2600 PA metas alone SOMEONE needs to be looking into it. Think about it; if she'd continued digging into that story, think how many situations they could have gone into with better knowledge. Heck they could have cottoned onto Devoe long ago.
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User Info: Jigglybuff

5 months ago#19
ohiostate124 posted...
She’s becoming Felicity 2.0. At this point, all the cw shows need to end.

Uh isn't that Cisco?
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User Info: Reaper115

5 months ago#20
Cisco is written well and isn't a cringy love interest for the main character.....
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  3. I know Iris isn't liked, but I don't want them to kill off the only black girl

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