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  3. What purpose does Rick Jones serve?

User Info: Lo_Key90

9 years ago#1
I'm not trying to be a dick I just wanna know, why does he exist? He seems like that annoying lil kid they put into an awesome movie to have people relate to but in the end everybody hates him.
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User Info: HouseT

9 years ago#2
Rick Jones gave Hulk (and many other heroes) an everyman they could connect with. Granted, in some respects that could be considered the same as the "lovable little kid", but he's generally written with a little more depth/purpose.
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User Info: rowdyoctopus1

9 years ago#3
Rick Jones is how Hulk got his powers (Banner "saved" him from the gamma blast). He became Captain Marvel for a bit, and now he is A-Bomb.
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User Info: shadownights23

9 years ago#4
I swear he has mass what if
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User Info: Johnny Blaque

Johnny Blaque
9 years ago#5
He was Marvel's Jimmy Olsen.

User Info: Desper

9 years ago#6
He's also a multi-platinum recording artist.
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User Info: OutlawDino

9 years ago#7
Just having sex with Marlo Thomas is enough for me.
Well, that and the bachelor party issue...
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User Info: TomPettyIsGod

9 years ago#8
At one point, he was one of the few people who could talk down the Hulk and make him transform back into Banner.

User Info: SonofMetalGear

9 years ago#9
Lo_Key00 let me educate you about Rick Jones.

Incredible Hulk would be around today if Rick Jones was playing witih his harmonica at that gamma bomb testing site

Rick Jones was important during the Kree Skrull War days back in the 1980s.

Rick and Marlo

If Rick didnt turn into a Hulk to fight Bruce Banner/Incredible Hulk back in the 1980s then the Incredible Hulk comic would be short and have been really boring without any other enemy to fight with besides Thunderbolt Ross

User Info: Uranus_Day

9 years ago#10
Fairly obvious. He's there as someone for young readers to relate to. Been the eq of Jimmy Olsen, Billy Batson (during Marvels contribution the the Capt. Marvel fiasco), helped Hulk, CA also don't forget the Teen Brigade, they were even in Avengers#1
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