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User Info: fulltimekilla

7 years ago#1
Anyone have bright ideas?

a. A. Create or find a comic strip about an adolescent who is clearly in his/her early formal operational thinking stages. This can also highlight the “personal fable” and “adolescent egocentrism” elements.
b. B. Provide an explanation of how this cartoon illustrates formal operational thinking.
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User Info: A Novel Idea

A Novel Idea
7 years ago#2
there was a comic book series by an independent writer that was supposed to reflect a baby growing up into adulthood, and the early issues reflected what you have in the topic post. it was cancelled though lol

User Info: GilgameshSwords

7 years ago#3
Well in terms of Marvel, try reading Generation Hope and Avengers Academy from the start. Those both deal with adolescents who are new to the superpowered thing.
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User Info: Black Adam

Black Adam
7 years ago#4
I Kill Giants was made for this assignment.
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User Info: Mareg

7 years ago#5
Calvin and Hobbes seems obvious. If you want a superhero comic, I'd say Spidey's origin story would be a classic-but-timeless choice. If you wanted something more modern, the early issues of Invincible might work.
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User Info: iron_patriot

7 years ago#6
Define "early formal operational thinking stages" please.
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User Info: mahgah91

7 years ago#7
Don't use superhero comics. They're so far removed from reality that it'll hurt your assignment more than help.

Calvin and Hobbes is a great one because it's a kid caught between his world and the real one but he just takes it all in his own way. Calvin and Hobbes isn't an accurate portrayal of real psychology either but it's a much better commentary on human personality than superhero comics ever will be.
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