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User Info: TraBuch3

8 years ago#1
I don't know much about comics but growing up as a kid that loved the X-Men cartoon, Gambit was my favorite character. Are there any good Gambit comics?

Also, just wondering, how powerful is Gambit compared to the other X-Men?
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User Info: Scripts

8 years ago#2
gambit classic vol 1 tpb
uncanny x-men #350
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User Info: RobertWagner

8 years ago#3
Gambit isn't so much powerful in one area as much as he's got a lot of qualities that make him 2nd best in other areas compared to the X-Men. His explosive projectiles are weaker than Cyclops' eye beams usually (and anything approaching massive destruction is going to take more time to charge), but he's one of the better hand to hand fighters (below Wolverine) who's very agile (but not so much as Nightcrawler).

As far as good Gambit stories, I would recommend the following:

Gambit (mini series vol. 1) 1-4
X-Men (vol. 2/New X-Men/X-Men Legacy) 8,9, 24, 33, 45
Gambit (ongoing, vol. 1) 1-25
Uncanny X-Men 266, 267, 350

His part in Messiah Complex was pretty good, also.

The first miniseries and his first appearance might be hardest to get out of those, but they're collected here:

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User Info: whozat

8 years ago#4
i always recommend uncanny xmen 274-277. its basically when gambit, psylocke, and jubilee are all new and first meet xavier for the first time in space.

gambit was never the strongest powerwise, but he was always the most surprising. he always had 'an ace up his sleeve.' he's had the potential to be omega, if you follow the New Son arc, but 616 gambit wont reach it. writers have recently only tried to explore his 'dark side' ever since his trial by magneto, and he has since fallen into near obscurity. fans from the 90s will always remember who he was tho.

User Info: Darkman49

8 years ago#5
Is uncanny x-men available for those with the free marvel comics month? Because I cant find it there.

User Info: TraBuch3

8 years ago#6
Huh. He's somewhat obscure now? That sucks. I always got the impression that he was one of the more popular X-Men.

Anyways, thanks for the recommendations.
Top 5 favorite shows: 1. Deadwood / 2. Rome / 3. Party Down / 4. The Wire / 5. Veronica Mars
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