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User Info: YiddosRule

6 months ago#1
...this game would be so good...I literally cannot believe how much fun and frustration this game has given me, great stuff

I'll be back soon looking for help with bosses x
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User Info: DUBTuner

6 months ago#2
Yeah I've been looking at the game for quite a while but never made the purchase. It came out on Xbox GamePass so I gave it a try. Loved it instantly, so I went and purchased the game on Switch. 35 hours later I'm about to tackle the final boss. Amazing game, lore, music, visuals, gameplay.
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User Info: Arkhemiel

6 months ago#3
I just used my gold coins to bring the total of this game down to 6 dollars and 50 cents.
Actually double dipping because I have it on ps4 but I've always wanted to have it on a handheld and vita doesn't have it.
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User Info: Drewmack79

5 months ago#4
I'm super late to this party as well. Grabbed it on the Halloween sale. Fun game, and my word that soundtrack deserves a nod.
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User Info: SirBob1137

5 months ago#5
This game is probably the best ‘value’ (hours of fun I had playing/price) that I’ve played, or close to the best, with Breath of the Wild being close to it.
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