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  3. Did you ever farm money?

User Info: wwwgippal2

7 months ago#1
Been doing it today and it honestly feels like cheating. I found a comfortable cycle that earns me 50+ geo's between sitting on a bench pretty quickly.
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User Info: Edgemaster70000

7 months ago#2
You can literally just run the trials in the colosseum of fools over and over again much faster. You don't really need that much money anyway.
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User Info: Turbo_TRex

7 months ago#3
I think the only time I ever really farmed for Geo was when I made my Fragile Charms into Unbreakable ones.
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(edited 7 months ago)

User Info: vendaval

7 months ago#4
I did when I got to a point where the only obvious places I had yet to explore needed the lantern and I had spent all my geo on other stuff because I thought that it was either not mandatory (I.E. you could get one lantern somewhere else without buying one), or that it would become necessary later enough in the game that I was safe just buying other stuff.

I didn’t even prioritize getting important things. I’m fairly certain that the first thing I bought were all of the map markers, which I barely used.
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User Info: screamish

6 months ago#5
Nope, only did one run on an area 'cause I don't have enough to buy a map. But farming ain't necessary in this game, you just have to explore and make sure you don't die before killing your shade
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User Info: SirBob1137

4 months ago#6
Lol, I did it at the very beginning. I was bout to fight false knight, and I was all ‘I’m not losing all my geo (like 200, lol). So I grinded til I bought everything in Sky’s shop, and all the map lady’s as well. Got 45 geo from the one guard boi right before false knight, went down to the bench, and came back up. Twas fun, best place to grind early game.

User Info: SirBob1137

4 months ago#7
Being an RPG player has ruined me. I started this game, then grinded til I had everything possible early game. Yes, even the lamp. Twas nice later on tho
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  3. Did you ever farm money?
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