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adude 3 days ago#1

Looks like all the students will be available after all...
Felix is literally blue Shinon
Meganium7 3 days ago#3
kkkkkau 3 days ago#4
Felix is now officially the best ponytail waifu
Brave Bow Spring Loki is OP
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tentarafoo 3 days ago#5
I guess I'll get the game since all the students are in. Annette looks great
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Zinie95 3 days ago#6
New Felix and Ingrid look terrible. >___>

But this Sylvain looks amazing OMG!!! Huge improvement!!!
(edited 3 days ago)
Okay now that I had time to take in the new designs, I like them for the most part, but then again, Blue Lions was always the prettiest house.

Dimitri got a huge glow up but we knew that for a while. Ashe and Dedue look solid. I really like Annette and Merecedes' new look. Sylvain is fine, but I prefer his longer, wavier hair. And long ponytail > dumb comb over for Felix.

Ingrid took a massive L tho good lord.
(edited 3 days ago)
Zinie95 3 days ago#8
Sylvain won by far. So good.
Ahuehue13 3 days ago#9
Starting with best house Blue Lions nice.

Felix looks the exact same and I hate Ingrid's new design there was nothing wrong with her TS design imo they could've just made some minor adjustments. Mercedes definitely best design and Dimitri as well.
SirRobX 3 days ago#10
Not getting this until Tecmo lets me play as Kass
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