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Zinie95 6 days ago#1
Only Tellius and 1 dancer. Couple Ike and Soren destroyed along with bonus cutie Reyson.
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AsterixKing 6 days ago#2
W! Altina/B!Micaiah/Duo!Micaiah/Leanne. Took a few tries to figure out how best to get things going. Maps with death based reinforcements are always kind of annoying.
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Sgt_Pepper 6 days ago#3
Used H!Ena, Naesala, Pirate Tibarn, and Leanne. Ena in particular was MVP and could tank even the blue units with ease.
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yomomma0919 6 days ago#4
I'll do abyssal later. my tellius roster is hot garbage
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Shugo702 6 days ago#5
F!Ike x Ranulf joined by Reyson x P!Naesala

A blast from the past. My beasts still puts in work to this day (and this made the map easy for me)

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Tight-Knots 6 days ago#7
summer twink carry

everyone needs a +10 rhys

D412kKn16h7 6 days ago#8
W!Altina baited and killed every non-blue on turn 1 with W!Sephiran and Infantry Rush support. After that it was a matter of manoeuvring B!Nailah around to kill the blues while Altina handled the rest. Giving Surge Sparrow to Nailah was such a good idea, she was pretty much unkillable because Astra is ready after every combat and heals 90% HP.
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Aitz 6 days ago#9
I am not gonna do this Abyssal just because its Celica and it was already very painful for me to clear her infernal in first attempt
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I would have used F!Ike, but how could I pass up my new W!Altina?

One thing that made me retry was Micaiah not being able to naturally double the null follow up sword, so I had Reyson inherit Drive Spd.
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