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User Info: SilentWanderer

4 days ago#1

Ashen Wolves are here

User Info: Master_Caos

4 days ago#2
YES YES YES, Ashen Wolves!
Well we got our Ashen Wolves. No double demote, predictable. lol
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User Info: Pickley-

4 days ago#4
I wasn’t expecting this at all lol

Yuri is here!!

User Info: DreamUpColors

4 days ago#5
This has solidified Felix and Byleth as the male CYL6 winners, but I’m happy to get Yuri and Hapi finally

User Info: Ahuehue13

4 days ago#6
Huh..... Never thought Ashen Wolves would make it in right now lol

User Info: MashiroYuuki

4 days ago#7
And therein lies CYL Yuri…

User Info: Whirlingpetal

4 days ago#8
Doing Muspell on this banner feels... wrong? Like it’s a perfect batch of characters for a normal banner and they f***ed it up with a loser OC that nobody cares about.
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User Info: Trials_of_RNG

4 days ago#9
Balthus is an Axe user. RIP Gauntlets.

Also, damn Yuri. Don't make me want to pull for you.

User Info: Shining1994

4 days ago#10
I wouldn't mind if Coco breaks my rate for Múspell tho.

Balthus demote was too predictable lmao. Also Fallen Fafnir incoming /s
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