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User Info: MarquisOndore

2 weeks ago#1
F2P Players, do you have any 5* exclusives at +10? - Results (99 votes)
Yes, I'm a proud owner of more than one 5* exclusive at +10.
21.21% (21 votes)
Yes, I have exactly one.
22.22% (22 votes)
No, I do not care about having any premium units at +10.
13.13% (13 votes)
No, I would like to +10 one or more 5* exclusives but can never collect enough orbs for it.
43.43% (43 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I'm currently sitting at 350 orbs, the largest amount I've had for a while. When I first installed the app, I frequently had over 1,000 from the story content, which I depleted recklessly pulling on every banner and spending copious amounts on merges for unremarkable units.

I don't have anything close to a +10 copy of a 5* unit. BIke was an intended merge project a year ago, but I got quickly discouraged when I saved and invested 500 orbs for his revival banner and got only 2 copies out of it.

Grail and 3-4* units still form my current arena core, much as they did a year ago, and there's currently no change in sight. Not feeling like pulling anything from the recent banners may give me some orbs for the future, but it still isn't much and nowhere near enough to have a premium merge project anywhere in the near future.

What's your story?
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User Info: Meganium7

2 weeks ago#2
two and they're both sick


hoping I can someday add Eitri to the list if I can bring myself to save again

though I'm not purely ftp technically just occasional splurge on something here or there like the recent laegjarn pack. not like that gives a huge advantage though given how awful summoning is

User Info: RotomGuy3

2 weeks ago#3

The story: I saved for Laegjarn. Got 6 of her sister instead. Got 2 more going for Hrid. Then slowly picked up the others as time went on
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User Info: Alpharos3236

2 weeks ago#4
nope. my closest is LEphraim +5, but apparently we're not getting him on banners anymore, and also he's been obsoleted by Duessel, so I guess it's for the best

I really want to +10 BClaude, and I could get to +3 rn by using the free summon, but I've never saved more than 150 orbs at a time, so that's not happening. didn't even get a single one on the Lilina banner either

also I just wanna say, I have an alt account now because I got a new device, and I thought that I could use it to get the instant gratification of summoning on the alt and keep a cool head about saving on main, but what's actually happened is that I don't feel like playing that much feh so I just spend orbs as they come in on main and don't even bother to do dailies on alt. funny how that works
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User Info: KryptoPyro13

2 weeks ago#5
Theoretically one would eventually be able to get one.

My highest are +6 Hector and BLyn, but technically I'm not 100% F2P.

User Info: BipBapBam

2 weeks ago#6
Just the one 💙

Regardless of warnings, the future doesn't scare me at all.
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User Info: Osumnis

2 weeks ago#7
I don't feel like posting them rn, but I have all the brave FE7 heroes at +10
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User Info: Tankumi

2 weeks ago#8
I'm no longer f2p, (I was for 1-2 years) but I hoarded f2p orbs if that counts.

Managed to +10 Takumi and Eir totally with f2p orbs and +10'd NY!Takumi mostly with f2p orbs. (I got extra orbs for completing FEHpass quests, etc)
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User Info: BKmk2

2 weeks ago#9
I got Thrasir and Altina to +10 when i was F2p, lol
2910508458 +10 Altina +9 W Altina <33
| "Hector will only cost an average of over $1000 -not much in the grand scheme of things." - BusterBlader |

User Info: lsdASD

2 weeks ago#10

Peony and Plumeria! I had two months of Fehpass though so thats 10? paid orbs i bought in this games lifetime. not really f2p huh.
+10 5* exclusives: Peony and Plumeria!
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