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  3. How's your flowered units status? And how many dragonflowers do you have saved?

User Info: JCoconut

1 month ago#1
You can check easily in how "use dragonflowers" menu.

Personally I always fully flowerize someone when I give them flowers. So it's easy to tell, everyone with a red X has eaten 5 or 10 flowers!

598/1841/2218/3287 Flowers

Infantry (10 flowers):
  • Eirika
  • Nowi
  • Mae
  • Lachesis
Infantry (5 flowers):
  • Phina
  • Sothis
  • Luke
  • Legendary Eirika
  • Horse tome Eirika
  • Spring Loki
  • Gwendolyn
  • Sheena
  • Christmas Eirika

Thirteen heroes!

User Info: Elemental Fusion

Elemental Fusion
1 month ago#2
Wow, you're very well stocked up aside from infantry flowers.


I have less maxed flower units than I thought. There are a bunch where the last 1-2 flowers were for mostly useless stats so I stopped before maxing them.
FGO/FEH ign: Valharke

User Info: guedesbrawl

1 month ago#3
1460 infantry flowers because i gave flowers to Sakura to max, and once to AFCorrin for the Heroes Path.
The other flowers have around 2300/2400 since I never ever used any.

I think i only did like 6 or 7 heroic ordeals because of GHB/BHB quests
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User Info: SirRobX

1 month ago#4
I'm a nerd so I use a spreadsheet to keep track of this


Mostly use dragonflowers to boost units I use in the arena and AR
units highlighted in red are units that I used to use for AR but they were booted out

Really hoping they amp up the dragonflower rate, I'm sure they will (as they did with feathers)
Pokemon GO: 8973-4950-4215 / Fire Emblem Heroes: 193-150-4677 / Switch: https://imgur.com/wNDqTmg
Personal FEH Spreadsheet: https://bit.ly/2WsGkt9

User Info: madninja1

1 month ago#5
Quite a bit actually. Mostly on characters I +10 or I want to +10.


There is only room for one boss...
FC: 1908-1619-7613 IGN: Ace

User Info: JCoconut

1 month ago#6
SirRobX posted...
I'm sure they will (as they did with feathers)
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User Info: katieelizabeth

1 month ago#7
I've maxed out 4 or 5 units of each type except for infantry, just because they needed more flowers. While I am happy that we get more abilities to improve units, this s*** is going to get expensive.

User Info: Oresama

1 month ago#8
Let's just say I needed 5500 infantry dragonflowers before this, and now I need 8380... I only have 870.
6* when?

User Info: Renkencen

1 month ago#9
red- 264
green 467
yellow 699
blue- 222

Unit that are max
F Y Tiki
B Lyn
L Tiki
L Azura
YT Olivia
SF Micaiah
W Tharja
B Micaiah
B Veronica
B Eliwood
PA Azura

User Info: icksq

1 month ago#10
Infantry: 3061
Cavalry: 2354
Armoured: 2946
Flying: 2410

Sakura 10/10
Kitty Sakura 10/10
Hana 10/10
Onsen Sakura 5/5
Kaden 5/5
F YTiki 5/5
Myrrh 5/5
Yune 3/5
L Ephraim 2/5

I have all Heroic ordeals done. Although there was a period where i just couldn't be arsed, so there are a few 5 star exclusives that were foddered off as soon as they came out of the gate.

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