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  3. +0 OG Palla +Atk or +Spd?

User Info: kkkkkau

3 weeks ago#1
OG Palla - Results (24 votes)
58.33% (14 votes)
41.67% (10 votes)
This poll is now closed.
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User Info: Sad_Face

3 weeks ago#2
Curious to know the reasoning. I plan on merging her, and I'm leaning on speed myself.
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User Info: Franzise_D

3 weeks ago#3
I'd say Atk if you're not merging her up, Spd otherwise

She absolutely needs a flier team though
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User Info: Finfreeze

3 weeks ago#4
+Atk so you bop things harder. Don't gotta worry about speed if you KO in the first two hits, after all, and goads will help with that.
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User Info: VareasXbox

3 weeks ago#5
+Atk, since you don't wanna merge her and you need all attack you have for the brave Effect of her weapon
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