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User Info: AceDarkValkyrie

3 weeks ago#1
Hot Linus's Limited battle is here. Only Jugdral characters and 1 dancer.

F.Julia, L.Leif, Ishtar, Dancing Rein 1st try.
It's Zinie~

User Info: Epic_Manky

3 weeks ago#2
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User Info: AsterixKing

3 weeks ago#3
Reinhardt/L!Lief/Ares/Sylvia no problems
"You may wonder what I am doing, standing here, right now. I am waiting for time to pass - peacefully." Zephiel, Fire Emblem Heroes

User Info: Surskit2907

3 weeks ago#4
four reinhardts
Saving for Brave Micaiah
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User Info: catchthemouser

3 weeks ago#5

Also @Lief4Heroes speed Altena is fun and I'm a believer now.
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User Info: GodOfDerp

3 weeks ago#6
Travant, fallen Julia, and Reinhardt did all the work. Threw in Sigurd for a reposition bot

Travant tanked the upper right like a boss.

Julia one shot Linus and tanked the blue mage. Reinhardt one shot the sword guy.

Sigurd did reposition work, not much else.

User Info: Shugo702

3 weeks ago#7
Reinhardtx3 + Ishtar

User Info: Steamroll

3 weeks ago#8

Well thats it, Altena EP'd that dragon and that was the end.

User Info: Daniel5467

3 weeks ago#9
Reinhardt, Swordhardt, Julius and L!Leif
FEH FC: 116-735-7440

User Info: Poison-puffs

3 weeks ago#10
Mareeta Solo
Killer Queen has already touched this post.
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