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  3. Do any units WANT an attack flaw?

User Info: Steamroll

3 weeks ago#11
No one really, 5* exclusive dancers/supporters can get away with it because their largely not your main fighters but even then its not something you want to hope for.

User Info: dotsdfe

3 weeks ago#12
I think Azama is the only one who actively wants one. His ATK is really bad while his defenses are solid, and his main role is to disrupt and chip anyway, so it's his best bane for a single copy.

Everyone else would prefer something else, I believe. Even dancers may have to sneak a hit in here or there at times, so it's better to keep ATK intact just in case.
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User Info: Sad_Face

3 weeks ago#13
DoubleDragon posted...
Dancers on AR defense maps

The only reason right here because you want your dancers to prioritize dancing over attacking the enemy.
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User Info: Sideus

3 weeks ago#14
Azama absolutely does not want an ATK bane. No one does, really, but healers specifically, and especially ones with really bad ATK already, need to have as much ATK as possible. I won't go so far as to say ATK boons on healers are mandatory, but I sure as s*** wouldn't use any other boon on a healer.
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User Info: BKmk2

3 weeks ago#15
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User Info: B-Factor

3 weeks ago#16

Status inflicters with hopeless Atk stats regardless. (very niche)

Basically anything that's not actually on the map to kill units. They instead want to keep their defensive stats and speed intact to avoid getting one-rounded by anything. I unironically prefer -Atk dancers for maximum survivability.

I do agree that the offensive units with conditional prfs still don't want -Atk. As stat creep rolls on their prfs will generally still activate even without an Atk bane. If the unit fights it wants more Atk, period. Healers are iffy, they do use Atk for healing.
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  3. Do any units WANT an attack flaw?
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