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  3. What do you think the theme will be for this year's CYL Units? *3H Spoilers*

User Info: Due_Air

3 weeks ago#11
I bet they will be in the their traditional lord class. And Lysithea, uhh i think something like based on cipher card.

User Info: shanloric

3 weeks ago#12
@LorenzoV Had a similar thought at one point. Master Classes for most of em, Brave Lysithea can go either regular timeskip look or full gremory. Edelgard's alt hairstyle doesn't really vibe with her whole Emprah schtick, but Claude's would be good for a more heavily almyran alt, and Dimitri's is perfect for post-gronder when he's pulled himself back together.

User Info: Epic_Manky

3 weeks ago#13
maybe it’ll be a timeline where Lysithea is a likable character
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User Info: StellaLunaris

3 weeks ago#14
LorenzoV posted...
Also, no alt hairstyles please. No. Just no. Edelgard looks hideous with that side ponytail.

She looks like an extra in a 1980s music video.

Maybe she'll make some leg-warmers out of The Immaculate One's skin.
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User Info: S0u1

3 weeks ago#15
I’ve got a few ideas on what I think could work, while trying to give way for Legendary/post timeskip alts in the future.

Edelgard: Infantry colourless tome. She could wield Luna which would prevent her and her opponent from making follow up attacks and treat their def/res as if reduced by 50%. It makes use of her budding talent, and she could make reference to the trauma she went to obtain these powers.

Dimitri: Axe Armour. Wearing his fathers armour but also wielding a large Axe, this form could display Dimitri distraught with grief, but after he fixes himself and decides he needs to step up as the new king of Faerghus. Could wield a new weapon titled “Grim Dragons Scythe” making reference to his crest and the dragon he descended from.

Claude: Sword Flier. A more Almyran inspired look with his NG+ hairstyle and wielding the sacred Sword of Begalta, that heals him during combat when he attacks. This one seems the most obvious as he has a weapon to use that utilises his crest and Wyverns are common in Almyra. He would still be able to be a Bow Flier in his eventual legendary alt and also fliers are awesome.

Lysithea: Blue tome flier. An enlightened gremory style Lysithea that flies as a reference to the battle animations in three houses. She would wield Abraxas, the ultimate light magic of three houses and also likely have a skill slot dedicated to Thyrsus, although I don’t think extra range would go down very well in Feh so not sure what they’d do there.

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  3. What do you think the theme will be for this year's CYL Units? *3H Spoilers*
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