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  3. What do you think the theme will be for this year's CYL Units? *3H Spoilers*

User Info: Dragonboy86

3 weeks ago#1
Every year seems to have a theme or some semblance of one. What will this year's be?

I'm personally banking on Alternate timeline versions of the winners. Definitely major spoilers ahead so tread carefully.

Claude: What if he never knew he was a noble/stayed in his homeland?

Dimitri: What if the Tragedy of Duscur never happened?

Edelgard: What if she was never experimented on?

Lysithea: What if her twin crests made her immortal as opposed to shortening her lifespan?

What are you guys expecting?

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User Info: DreadKaiser

3 weeks ago#2
Expecting them to be from a "What if" golden ending where they all lived

since the legendary versions are from their own Routes ending
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User Info: MiniMarioBros

3 weeks ago#3
I’m expecting they come from a route where TWISTED never existed. So kinda like your ideas, except Lysithea would have no crests.

User Info: AceDarkValkyrie

3 weeks ago#4
Just them wearing their family members' outfits.
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User Info: Poison-puffs

3 weeks ago#5
Golden Route or what if TWSITD didn’t exist
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User Info: Silvaten

3 weeks ago#6
AceDarkValkyrie posted...
Just them wearing their family members' outfits.
probably for some of them. CYL doesn't tend to just follow one theme for a whole banner anyway. I can see dimitri wearing either his dad's or dedue's armor. Using dedue's armor would set him up to be an axe unit as well. I don't think he'd be red sword because I'm 80% sure they're going to make edelgard use the sword of seiros like she does in the cutscenes. I'm pretty sure Claude will have to either be an axe or bow unit. Lysithea is clearly a mage but she could be any color, even colorless now. Dimitri i'm pretty sure will be lance or axe like i said before. I'm not sure what lance they'd give him since i'm sure areadbhar will be on his legendary. They could easily just have it be an alt aredbhar like the many versions of ephraim's lance we have. I'm just hoping Dimitri is infantry but I have a feeling he's going to be armor. I'm sure if he's armor he'll have some extremely busted skills to make up for armor weaknesses anyway.

User Info: Limit_2

3 weeks ago#7
"What if" scenario where they all have ENORMOUS t***, like the size of minivans

Logically they're all armored units because of this, except for Lysithea who will be levitating for no reason
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User Info: Sila

3 weeks ago#8
So far, Brave Heroes have all been either their promoted forms or in the garb of some relative.

So, each lord could dress up as their relative:
Edelgard: Her dad's robes
Dimitri: Either Lambert or Rodrigue
Claude: Nader or his dad the warrior king
Lysithea: A support based one, likely Catherine style. Sadly she doesn't have much to go on unless they come up with something original.

Or the boring, yet sorta expected path where it's just their T3 promotions with alternative hair styles and Gremory for Lysithea.

User Info: shanloric

3 weeks ago#9
War is Hell. And the timeskip versions all won out. Seeing as how the legendaries are them at the apex of victory, how about CYL versions putting them at their lowest point?

Dimitri (Gronder Field, VW) is a wild boar foaming at the mouth for vengeance while tormented by his hallucinations of his father and Glenn screaming for blood. He leads his friends and followers into a worthless meatgrinder of a battle.

Claude (Deirdru, CF) is a failure of a manipulator, outdone at every turn by the Flame Emperor. Shedding all sense of pride and honor, his story ends on his knees begging for his sorry life.

Edelgard (Enbarr, AM) has been backed into a corner by the True King, all her machinations and bloodshed amounting to nothing. Slapping aside a reborn Dimitri's attempt to sue for peace, she casts aside her own humanity in one last desperate effort to revive her failing dream The Hegemon Husk now walks among us.

...no idea what to do with Lysithea, I'm just glad she beat out Bernadetta. Eaugh. At the very least, she should get Dark Spikes T, which is pretty much a cranked up wolf tome.


User Info: LorenzoV

3 weeks ago#10
They used the Advanced classes for Legendary Edelgard. It's safe to assume that they will use the Master classes for the three lords. Lysithea is a big "?".

Also, no alt hairstyles please. No. Just no. Edelgard looks hideous with that side ponytail.
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  3. What do you think the theme will be for this year's CYL Units? *3H Spoilers*
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