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  3. Are you apart of the hundreds of orbs and no units club?

User Info: asianknight82

4 weeks ago#1
nearly 300 orbs spent, and not a single 5 star unit.... I feel like quiting, lol.

User Info: KamiUsagi

4 weeks ago#2
I spent about 200 and got:
1 Wet Dream Cammy
1 T-Birb
1 Disappointing Son Shiro
1 Roid-rage Nailah
and finally a -Atk S!Ingrid!
FC: 1221- 0720- 5488
ACNL IGN: JRD from Tokyo / Pokemon Moon/Omega Ruby IGN: Sakura/ Ultra Sun IGN: Sasami

User Info: walterwhite23

4 weeks ago#3
So what’s your pity rate then ?

User Info: SuperPokeGal123

4 weeks ago#4
I spent over 550 orbs and failed to get summer Mia. Cursed banner for me
3DS FC: 0061-2891-9268, Switch FC: SW-8411-5584-0133
Fire Emblem Heroes FC: 5118246625 IGN: Chebria

User Info: catchthemouser

4 weeks ago#5
700 orbs, no Duo Ephraim
Claude von Riegans acquired: 1/1 (academy)
Ephraims acquired: 2/5 (legendary, brave)

User Info: GodOfDerp

4 weeks ago#6
I've had long streaks of terrible luck in the past. But i'm not really in that state right now. Free summoned a summer Byleth, and the TT banner with Hubert and Hilda, I free summoned a random Perceval (No reds or green on free ring)

My worst streak was probably the initial 3H banner with Dimitri, Claude and Edelgard. Spent a good 400 orbs total across its entire duration trying to get Dimitri. Only to be pity broken by freakin Ylgr on my last 15 orbs. 385 orbs and not even a single 5 star off that banner. Only for the 1 I did get to be off focus.

User Info: Enoemaa

4 weeks ago#7
The worst I ever had was ~600 orbs to get one copy of Tana.

However, in my recent merging of Duo Byleth, I got my first copy sort of quick, and then it legit took about 800 orbs to get my second one (Seven pity breakers in a row before I got her).
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  3. Are you apart of the hundreds of orbs and no units club?
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