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  3. f*** I'm all out of orbs

User Info: kkkkkau

4 weeks ago#1
Why is it so hard to pull for swimsuit waifus
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User Info: charcoalswift

4 weeks ago#2
It is bait

The ordeal is skipping this filthy banner for Brave Edelgard
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User Info: dotsdfe

4 weeks ago#3
Always a terrible feeling, but at least TT started up, so you can snag a few more orbs.

Good luck, hopefully your luck turns around.
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User Info: FinstererDrache

4 weeks ago#4
Oh, the Banner wasnt the best, but got far worse results on other Banners. 90 Orbs got only one 5 Star with supoptimal IVs, but it was Duo Byleth so it was okay.

User Info: Liquid_King

4 weeks ago#5
All I got was +2 Noire
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User Info: GodOfDerp

4 weeks ago#6
Depends who your going for.

Blue typically isn't that hard to snipe on in 4 person banners since it isn't nearly as overinflated with garbage like red and colorless are.

Meanwhile red is just plain bad to snipe on 4 person banners just due to the raw amount of pitybreakers in the pool. Even if some of them are really good. Colorless on the other hand doesn't have nearly as many. But the overall quality of them are alot worse.

If you want an example. Last night there was someone livestreaming themselves sniping red. They started with about 2000 orbs. Took 700ish before the first summer Byleth showed up.

User Info: Aitz

4 weeks ago#7
Git Gud

My experience with past summer banners was good. But I do feel you for having a horrible experience on a banner
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  3. f*** I'm all out of orbs
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