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User Info: _Spectral_

4 weeks ago#1
Share your favorite Dagger units from your barracks. It can be for any reason...liking the character, OP, cool build, helped you through early content or whatever you’d like.

Post pics, just write or both. Feel free to post in the other threads if you want.

Try to limit your selections to 3 heroes.

Ninjas, assemble!

Day 1 - Swords

Day 2 - Lances

Day 3 - Axes

Day 4 - Bows
Enjoy Life :]

User Info: _Spectral_

4 weeks ago#2
We had a holiday, and then I was mad at summoning and wasn’t doing a ton of feh stuff, apologies for the delay.

This series has been fun so far, definitely planning to see it through.

I’ll post mine in a min
Enjoy Life :]

User Info: Meganium7

4 weeks ago#3

User Info: Qucas

4 weeks ago#4
P.Flora, so much fun. Larum is fun if there's a dragon nearby.
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User Info: Poison-puffs

4 weeks ago#5
Kagero is a beast
I’d actually get the Feh Pass if she ever got a resplendent if only for her Atk to be 69.
Killer Queen has already touched this post.
Owner of the Ultimate Sword: https://imgur.com/MYXmhv6

User Info: Tankumi

4 weeks ago#6
Ah yes! One of my MVPs! Very speedy, hits hard, and is a total dragon slayer. Passive healing to boot for my tanks Takumi and Rutger. Love my Eir~

Absolutely love her design and character too.
My unorthodox FEH Takumi aka Tankumi & his latest build: https://imgur.com/a/pibcQXg

User Info: _Spectral_

4 weeks ago#7
Kagero is one of my favorite promoted. Such a good design and personality. I’ve given her a lot of good skills. This build she needs to have more Atk for +4 Atk, +4 Spd & a Spiral loop. First combat halves damage to get Blazing Wind up and running.

Eir seems sad all the time, but she also has a good arc where she finds peace, participates with the Askr group and is actually very kind. Great for AR & Arena Assault. Needs Atk/Spd Push or SS3, but I don’t really want to use Laegjarn for SS3, so I’ve been waiting.
Enjoy Life :]

User Info: tentarafoo

4 weeks ago#8
I also have a +10 Legault but it's not worth showing because I couldn't even get him nice weapon
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User Info: DreadKaiser

4 weeks ago#9
Resplend him damnit.
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User Info: Folt

4 weeks ago#10

Best FE Villain so I'm gonna +10 +5 him. I've got some player phase builds for him too involving Flashing Blade 4, Mirror Impact, Lull Spd/Def, and Null Follow-Up.
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