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  3. What are your ideal new unit banners for each game?

User Info: BipBapBam

1 week ago#11
Just give me Severa god DAMN it
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User Info: Zaigou

1 week ago#12
I don't have too many "wants" but:

SoV: Tatiana, Atlas, Luthier (demote) and Nuibaba. Mycen as the GHB.

Thracia 776: Eda, Miranda (demote), Lara, Asbel. Amalda as the GHB.

Fates: Charlotte, Reina (demote), Nyx, Shura. Scarlet as the TT.

Awakening: Flavia, Basilio (Demote), Severa and Gregor. Miriel as the GHB.

Three Houses: Dorothea, Ingrid, Raphael (demote), Shamir. Catherine as the TT.

Binding/Blazing Blade: Melady, Cath (demote), Vaida, Isadora. Farina as the GHB.
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User Info: Limit_2

1 week ago#13
  • Nyna, Midia, Lena, Julian. Wolf GHB.
  • Luthier, Atlas, Tatiana, Mycen. Rudolf GHB.
  • Lex, Azelle, Erinys, Brigid. Manfroy GHB.
  • Arthur, Fee, Patty, Tine. Arion GHB.
  • Dagdar, Asbel, Lara, Tina. Lifis GHB.
  • Wolt, Dieck, Marcus, Merlinus. Galle GHB.
  • Sain, Kent, Erk, Farina. Denning GHB.
  • Neimi, Colm, Duessel, Natasha. Caellach GHB.
  • Rolf, Boyd, Volke, Ilyana. Petrine GHB.
  • Edward, Nolan, Leonardo, Jill. Pelleas GHB.
  • Basilio, Flavia, Inigo, Severa. Validar GHB.
  • Reina, Scarlet, Shura, Izana. Fuga GHB.
  • Felix, Ashe, Marianne, Lorenz. Cornelia GHB.

That said, even my 'ideal' has some limits of realism. I'd prefer a Gen 4 banner with Febail instead of Tine, for example, but I don't dare to want anything that fantastic. There are plenty of characters I'd love to see but can't realistically argue over others, like Astolfo and Deimne. Realism isn't enough to make me ask for an alt for Valentia though.

5, 6, and 7 were the hardest for different reasons: 5 has way more options than it should, 6 has too many characters I want (I can literally name a dozen more) and I settled on an earlygame theme, 7 has basically nobody I give a s*** about besides Sain and the real Canas.

3H was the hardest to pick a GHB for. Went back and forth between Cornelia, Catherine, Solon, Miklan, and a few others (including some memes like Acheron.)
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User Info: Enoemaa

1 week ago#14
Basically only want characters that aren't already in from a few specific games. Kind of a mishmash of different heroes moreso than a specific banner, but yeah.

Sacred Stones: Selena (Non-seasonal)
Tellius: Ilyana (Non-seasonal), Petrine, Sephiran, Ashera
Fates: Orochi, Arete, Anankos, Charlotte (She's been seasonal exclusive WAY too long)
Three Houses: Dorothea, Rhea, Marianne, the Ashen Wolves

Basically every important or interesting Awakening character is already in, same for most of the rest of those. Bit of female bias, perhaps, but, is what it is. Orochi, Arete, Petrine, Ashera, and the 3H characters are definitely higher priority than the rest, for me personally at least. Always thought Petrine had a super cool design, would merge her up for sure if she was a GHB.

User Info: Steamroll

1 week ago#15
SirRobX posted...
Shadow Dragon: 3 premium waifus, Julian is the 3-4* demote
Echoes: 3 premium waifus, Luthier is the 3-4* demote
Genealogy: 3 premium waifus, Hawk is the 3-4* demote
Thracia: 3 premium waifus, Robert is the 3-4* demote
Binding Blade: 3 premium waifus, Dieck is the 3-4* demote
Blazing Blade: 3 premium waifus, Guy is the 3-4* demote
Sacred Stones: 3 premium waifus, Forde is the 3-4* demote
Path of Radiance: 3 premium waifus, Muarim is the 3-4* demote
Radiant Dawn: 3 premium waifus, Kyza is the 3-4* demote
Awakening: 3 premium waifus, Basilio is the 3-4* demote
Fates: 3 premium waifus, Benny is the 3-4* demote
Three Houses: 3 premium waifus, Linhardt is the 3-4* demote

Basically I want to be able to build up my favorites rather than have them taunt me

I'd prefer Sain in this instance to take that place but a newish sword in the low pool after Eyvel was cursed would be kinda welcome for me.

User Info: Dyno98

1 week ago#16
Only doing the ones I played:
Awakening: Kellam, Vaike, Gregor and Ricken (yeah, I know, four males is impossible)
Three Houses: Marianne, Dedue, timeskip Ingrid and Sylvain
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User Info: Azardea

1 week ago#17
There aren't that many characters I really want...
Sacred Stones: Duessel, OG Selena
Path of Radiance: OG Ilyana I guess
Awakening: Gregor, Kellam (though I suppose that would mean the awful memes would return full f***ing force)
Fates: OG Charlotte, Benny
Three Houses: Felix, TS Dimitri, Rhea

User Info: yomomma0919

1 week ago#18
Sacred Stones: Niemi, Vannessa, Natasha
SoV: Luthier GHB, Emma 3-4*, Shade, Yuzu, Randall
Awakening: Severa
Fates: Kiragi, Nyx, Charlotte, Orochi
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User Info: D412kKn16h7

1 week ago#19
FE1/3: Malice, Merric's friend Elrean or something, Nyna, Ellice
Echoes: Kamui, Tatiana, Mycen, Zeke
Genealogy: Erin, Lex, Brigid
Thracia: Dunno
Binding Blade: Guinevere, Geese, Juno, Noah
Blazing Blade: Isadora, Sain, Sonia
Sacred Stones: Syrene, Gilliam, Colm
PoR/RD: Calill, Lucia, Geoffrey, Heather
Awakening: Yen'fay, Gregor
Fates: Reina, Sumeragi, Izana, Fuuga
Three Houses: Catherine, Shamir, Rhea, Hanneman
FC: 1977-1447-4925
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User Info: albertojz356

1 week ago#20
FE1/3: Malice, Elice, Nyna, Midia
Echoes: Tatiana, Irma, Nuibaba, Kamui
Genealogy: Erinys, Laylea, Patty, Tine/Tinni
Thracia: Ronan, Selphina, Saphy, Machyua
Binding Blade: Hugh, Juno, Dorothy, Ellen
Blazing Blade: Sonia, Vaida, Louise, Isadora
Sacred Stones: Vanessa, Syrene, Gilliam, Neimi
PoR/RD: Calill, Astrid, Vika, Fiona
Awakening: Miriel, Phila, Basilio, Flavia
Fates: Orochi, Benny, OG Charlotte, Candace
Three Houses: Shamir, Rhea, Manuela, Cornelia
Here we go
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