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  3. I can't believe people defend Lysithea

User Info: Azardea

1 week ago#41
Urodos posted...
On it.

User Info: Miraclechao

1 week ago#42
I only have one picture of Lysithea without other Three Houses characters and it involved, uh... cakes getting pounded.

You'll have to take Lysithea as part of a package deal.

I was on a search for Annette pictures, and luckily for Lysithea, she was in a few of those pictures.
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User Info: Azardea

1 week ago#44

User Info: Ven1399

1 week ago#45
I'm not one of those people who strokes their dicks to Lyisthea, why I like her though is because I like her character, I feel sorry for her and tbh, everyone underestimating her and treating her like a child, I relate to that. I'm 21 and people still treat me like a f***ing child, at least I can relate to her like that, also I have a MASSIVE sweet-tooth!!! I'll defend her character because I like her as a person, and as a unit she's pretty damn good, she's not a god like people claim her to be, but she's part of the 5 best recruit units (Felix, Petra, Leonie and Mercedes)
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User Info: Xephilon

1 week ago#46
I don't see whats wrong with her. First off she was used as an experiment, tossed aside and then she was told "Yeah, you gonna die in a few years. You got till your 18, maybe 20's tops. Have a nice life!" Who wouldnt be mean/sour after that?

Second, she's mean with a reason and always resolves/apologizes on A conversations. In some, she was nice from the start cause the person in question wasn't a pansy (Sorry Ignatz) or had some other huge problem that needed to be addressed.

I get why some people dislike her though and thats fine. I still love my little Glass Cannon. Now, if we talking about who's a total b**** sometimes, that title goes to Ingrid imo.
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User Info: pectus_umbra

1 week ago#47
HackedDragonite posted...
Lysithea is overrated in 3H, tbh. Whenever I'm in a discussion about the best units in the series, her name always comes up as if she's worthy of being mentioned in the same sentence as Seth in that discussion. Like, yeah, she's a very strong glass cannon, but that's all she is. You're walking on eggshells to use her effectively. That's hardly a perfect unit if she can't take a hit.

Don't get me wrong. I like using Lysithea. She's fun. But dammit, she's too squishy to be put in S tier on any tier list that considers both player and enemy phase.

I mean she's also one of three characters in 3H that gets warp, and she gets it earliest out of the three, and easily blows Lindhardt out of the water while coming earlier than Manuela. That along with her various well-timed spells to let you cheese out certain things like death knight and beast battles, she's really good.

And of course in this game she's gross.
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User Info: emagdnE

1 week ago#48
BloodMoon7 posted...
Is it because time skip Lysithea manages to be cute and sexy simultaneously?

She does no such things. She's hideous and has the same soulless eyes as everyone else in Tea Party Houses.

Including the male characters.

BloodMoon7 posted...
Lysithea has SITH in the middle of her name.

And Ly, as in lie. And ea. As in, EA. Electronic Arts.

She's a liar, a Sith, and wields the true Dark Side of the force: microtransactions!
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User Info: Dyno98

1 week ago#49
Lysithea is pretty annoying. The worst part is that she's very popular with people that haven't played the game, so they don't realize how much of a brat she is.
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User Info: TheRobber

1 week ago#50
TheGuyNamedWolf posted...
I'm pretty sure I speak for everyone on this board when I say we would all pay good money to be a sprinkle on a cupcake she about to devour. She's a sweet girl.
can confirm. I've seen a lot of art with a very similar theme.
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