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User Info: Tight-Knots

1 week ago#61
Damn ma is it that serious

User Info: Tankumi

1 week ago#62
Tight-Knots posted...
Damn ma is it that serious
😂 Truth! It's terribly unfortunate, cos it's always like this...
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User Info: Ad_Victoriam

1 week ago#63
Azardea posted...
She's the only one I've ever blocked on this site. Completely worthless and one-note.

I'm going to follow you there. She's to Echoes what Dragonage is to Fates.
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User Info: digitalstarry

1 week ago#64
SoV has much more standout performances

3H isn’t bad, outside of Mercedes and Jeritiza must run in the family the performances range from okay to great. But SoV is just all around very strong and very pleasing to listen to.
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User Info: SugarFlakes

1 week ago#65
They’re both good...ooo this is tough.
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User Info: SilentWanderer

1 week ago#66

User Info: SugarFlakes

1 week ago#67
I thought this was on the Three Houses Board again 😂
Fav Games: Persona 5R, Valkyrie Profile 2, Star Ocean 3, Fire Emblem: PoR and 3H, Banjo-Tooie, DKC2
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User Info: emagdnE

1 week ago#68
Echoes has Christina Vee. TH has a bunch of no names.

Leave it to FEFAQs to have what should be a very one-sided poll to have the correct choice having under 60% of the vote.
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User Info: ManagarmrOP

1 week ago#69
A_Field_Lover posted...
Their blood, holy weapons that only they can use to slay the gods, etc. How is that not being blessed? A major part of what makes Marth line up with destiny is his connection to Anri, a legendary hero. Also, I guess being trapped at Dragon's Maw along the journey (literally needing Celica to clear the path and help them out) and the state of Valentia being super f***ed up before Alm even sets foot out of the village doesn't count? Guess it just doesn't count because of Alm succeeding which is ridiculous reasoning. Also, Alm reclaims his heritage deep in the game after having to work with basic swords and weapons. He doesn't get some magical super power from his brand, and the "destiny" is something that doesn't grant Alm immediate safety, he still has to fight. It's not like some god appears and clears Alm's path for him, HE had to do it himself.
I addressed's Holy Blood and such you daft, it's the theme of the Jugdral games, so Seliph/Sigurd having blessed weapon is not much of an advantage or privilege since every other crusader's descendant has that blessing too.

Marth is only there to slay Medeus, nothing more. His whole journey from exile, retaking Altea, entrusted the Fire Emblem, etc. are unrelated to his position as Anri's descendant. That's also the reason why Cornelius dies easily, Anri's descendant doesn't benefit from their own lineage, like at all.

And Alm... Clears Dragon's Maw just fine? Him being "trapped" there is just a gameplay barrier to force you to continue Celica's story. And LMAO "the continent is f***ed so it totally means Alm is not benefiting from his mark" what are you even arguing? And yes, Alm does work to earn his achievements, that's obvious, but he also had a head start due to his status as a royalty with Duma’s Brand. Mycen, a legendary knight, trains him personally, and this sort of relationship allowed him to become a leader of Deliverance with ease. I see you keep dodging this point.

A_Field_Lover posted...
Official dialogue putting them as apart of Alm's team and giving credit to them too like Clive literally founding the Deliverance and keeping it stable to begin with counts. The themes literally support the side cast more than it does Alm, it's not a fact that needs refuting since the official game already does so.
What? Where? For starters, when they took Zofia Castle Berkut remarked that he's impressed by Alm for leading such incompetent "band".

A_Field_Lover posted...
Your subjective thoughts on a scene doesn't erase that Alm would've died there without Celica. Keep trying though. This mary sue/gary stu s*** is now nothing but a buzzword, to the point the meaning of said word changes on a whim. Alm isn't an author insert, has flaws and rise to power can be reasonably argued for with the context of medieval times, but noooo... That doesn't count and it's apparently a narrow description of this Sue/Stu s*** in your words. What a joke.
Ah, how interesting, hiding behind your safety blanket of "opinion" and "subjectivity". And i applaud your attempt to make it sound like it's Celica's active working that stops the event, nope. It's just a MacGuffin that she gave without the intention of protecting Alm and apparently it does just that when the villain pulls out their own MacGuffin and both MacGuffins and the event never mentioned ever again.... How desperate you are?

You're literally the only person who have such narrow definitions of Stu/Sue, and i can see why, you want exempt Alm from it. Even though your own definition would also exempt characters like Kirito and his clones. Any other definition by reputable sources (aka anyone who actually dabbles in literature) puts Alm in a Stu suspect territory at the very least.

A_Field_Lover posted...
Alm giving a s*** about people and his cousin doesn't make him have Mila's love. His background aligns with Rigel and he has Duma's strength and faith in people. I do not hold it against Alm either, he just doesn't have the complete love to be related to Mila and his actions show it. Saying I'm holding it against him is not true but it IS worth noting. Actually, Alm did get a gut feeling that something was wrong but because he refused to try to understand Rudolf like Celica wanted, Alm missed any chance of getting anything out of Rudolf before Alm slayed him.
Which part of "Alm forgiving his cousin who spent the entire time up to that point insulting his existence and his friends VEHEMENTLY" you did not understand? THAT requires a great deal of compassion and love. Hell, Alm is willing to "help" Fernand far earlier even though he just spouts nothing but classist s***.

So you backpedaled, it's ok. Listen well... Or read well. Alm harbors both positive aspects of Duma and Mila, but not their negatives. Alm is strong but he's not ruthless and cold at all. Alm forgives people who had wronged him when he understand that they can be helped but he's not weak/lazy/hedonist/dependant to others.

And before you try to say Rudolf's name. Pay attention. The whole gambit of his revolve around Alm killing him and named hero. It falls apart when Alm does not kill him, so by Alm realizing that Rudolf is his father, that means Rudolf has failed.
And that's precisely why Alm could not possibly learn his parentage, a mere gut feeling wouldn't change anything, and he obviously can't ask Rudolf or Mycen (Rudolf's accomplice).
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User Info: Azardea

1 week ago#70
Ad_Victoriam posted...
I'm going to follow you there. She's to Echoes what Dragonage is to Fates.
You won't regret it. Instantly made the FE boards so much better.
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