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  3. Apparently, people are quitting the game because of Duo Micaiah

User Info: Its_just_TACHO

6 days ago#1
Been hearing this a lot lately. But I don't get it, personally. Her duo skill is only usable by us, the players. The CPU can't use it, so we have nothing to worry about. And AR-D was already a gamble from the start, there is no "full proof" defense when we have stuff like Disarm Trap Leila running around.

So why was this the straw that broke the camel's back for some?

User Info: Buster-Blader

6 days ago#2
The Feh player base has been doing this since Ayra’s release. Just continue on enjoying Feh and ignore the plebs.
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User Info: ViewtifulGene

6 days ago#3
She will be an autoloss spawn for Arena. She will always be rallied for her Impact effect, and preys on armored cores that you pretty much need if F2P and want a tier higher than 3.

Not really a big deal besides that, though. She has no defense stat and no speed.
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I thought you were going to say it was because of the "grooming" thing lmao.
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User Info: blasster

6 days ago#5
Every new banner you have people "quitting". I can't even take it seriously anymore. *shrugs*

It's just a meme at this point.

They just mean quit for the day.
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User Info: BipBapBam

6 days ago#6
I haven't seen anyone quit over her tbh
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User Info: Poison-puffs

6 days ago#7
Wait really? The only time people have to deal with her Duo ability is on AR offense. But this is the thing Not Surtr, Ophelia,L!Alm, Mareeta, Kiria, Duo Ephriam or all the other power creep bs units.
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User Info: ZenCalvin

6 days ago#8
omg! i like your videos!

but i mean dont people leave for every powercreep unit? either way, duo michaiah is more of a player only buff since, yknow, duo skills are player only.
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Team Rocket Elite 6 days ago#9
Dislikes on the trailer aren't particularly high and players will throw dislikes at trailer even when they aren't quitting. So this probably isn't noticeably worse than the baseline player attrition rate.
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User Info: GodOfDerp

6 days ago#10
Its_just_TACHO posted...

So why was this the straw that broke the camel's back for some?

Because a level 1, untrained 4 star Donnel is able to 1 round legendary Edelgard with the right setup with that ability.

AKA: Balance literally is thrown in the dumpster.
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  3. Apparently, people are quitting the game because of Duo Micaiah
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