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User Info: Zinie95

1 month ago#71
Do Abyssal with Leon for fun. Destroyed.


User Info: EchoPianist

1 month ago#72
Tried out my new team on Abyssal map: Thrasir, LAzura, LEliwood, Altina

Thrasir is ridiculous (albeit with a lot of support from LEliwood and LAzura), not one enemy on the map which she couldn't one-shot apart from Bramimond (due to his Lull).

User Info: tentarafoo

1 month ago#73

Shannan, Python, B!Miccy, Reyson
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User Info: Mega_Gardevoir

1 month ago#74
Strategy in motion! All I need is Claude!

FEH FC: 9107921851

User Info: HereToHelp

1 month ago#75
A bit late to the party, but I finally decided to give this one a try. It was certainly challenging, although Abyssal in all honesty wasn't much harder than Infernal, cause the same strategy worked again.

Best decision I ever made, was giving L!Eliwood WOM. Why didn't I do that earlier? I mean, it lets me teleport him to safety so he doesn't get separated from the rest of the party.

Bonus Doubler Klein is S-T-R-O-N-G! Although I'm still waiting for spare SS3 fodder for him. Oh well.

Making mistakes is a natural and important part of life. Mistakes don't make you dumber. They make you smarter.
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