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User Info: Semeki

1 month ago#61
Lovely. Still dont have to try too hard in T18 at least.https://gamefaqs1.cbsistatic.com/user_image/4/4/4/AAaoECAAAMUM.jpg
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User Info: Sad_Face

1 month ago#62
BloodMoon7 posted...
No anger is still unproductive. You can stop being angry and start being apathetic like me. You'll accomplish far more. Ever since my feelings started dying, I've been able apply myself ro many things.
Anger means you have emotional interest in the outcome of a situation. I've never encountered someone doing gamechanging things while being apathetic. Satoshi Nakamoto kicked off development the bitcoin as a response to the banks getting bailed out by the US government after the housing crisis and being tired of the US' dominance and abuse of the banking system we have. Chainlink wasn't the CEO, Sergey Nazarov's first project. He had a failed project years beforehand of a similar concept but was always passionate in creating a trustless world where people, businesses, and other entities can sign contracts and make deals that the party on the other side won't weasel their way out of.

As always, everything in moderation. Too much anger is definitely a problem. But to say you should be apathetic to be productive? Either you and I have different interpretations of anger, or I'm gonna have to call into question your productivity. If you don't care about something, why would you go the distance and put your all into it?
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User Info: Yellow_King

1 month ago#63
I$ really hates GHB characters. No refines despite being trash for most of the games lifespan. In general it's disturbing how slow Refine updates are.

Feh Pass is the worst thing the game has suffered but even if you ignore it the anniversary itself was awful.

Let's be honest, there is no good gameplay in this app. At best it's lackluster only because I$ always chooses to do less than the bare minimum. What's worse is that players seem to be content with this rubbish and continue to worship F2P Guides as if they were necessary. We don't get difficult content anymore cause players cried over the first Tempest Trial and Relay Defense. While those modes has issues, being "difficult" was not the major problem. The scoring and repetitiveness was the real issue. Wish I$ would add an Infernal and Abyssal mode to everything.

User Info: Renkencen

1 month ago#64
FFS Why the hell I was lucky on CYL banner and yet it refuse to give me another Lucina dupe!

I end up sniping blues but there hardly any to the point I gotten more greens than blue and Siruis has to be the pity breaker eventhought the past 5* on that banner has been focus!

User Info: Nothing-

1 month ago#65
Semeki posted...
Lovely. Still dont have to try too hard in T18 at least.https://gamefaqs1.cbsistatic.com/user_image/4/4/4/AAaoECAAAMUM.jpg
Yeah, this is why I stopped with the good defense and just started using Sothis and Yune now. The worst I'm going to get is a -38. If you kill one or two units then it's just -18 or 0 respectively. I'm losing most of the time now, but it's much better this way. You just focus on being able to just kill one unit.
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