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User Info: MarquisOndore

3 days ago#1
Best Sword user in the game right now?

Past results (percentage updated with each new thread):
Best axe user: Brave Ike (56.73% votes) https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/204447-fire-emblem-heroes/78392865
Best lance user: Duo Ephraim (44% votes) https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/204447-fire-emblem-heroes/78395495
Best bow user: Legendary Alm (49.31% votes) https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/204447-fire-emblem-heroes/78400567
Best dagger user: Kronya (42.06% votes) https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/204447-fire-emblem-heroes/78403188

It's time for the most common weapon type in the game (extending even as far outside the FE series as into the Smash games), the swords. I'd probably need 20 options to have enough room for every worthwhile sword unit out there, but am still limited to 10. Removing the Other option once again to make space for enough unique options. Missing the likes of Ares (kinda outclassed by Altina tbqh) and Hrid, I think I've still managed to include every OP sword user in the game here.

My vote will go to Altina. She's been the best Vantage user in my experience, with flight, double attack regardless of who initiates combat, no flying weakness and a really minmaxed statline. She's also helpful for AR scoring without ever being a burden in that mode (*cough* Naga and Eir).
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User Info: NickIsMyName

3 days ago#2
This one is tough since there are many excellent choices. Gotta just voted extremelt biased for my personal favourite Byleth

User Info: smash fanatic

smash fanatic
3 days ago#3
Technically altina because of AR scoring plus is a legit strong unit in her own right

as just pure units though I kind of lean towards LH Eliwood simply because he's one of the best buff bots in the game and is one of the few buff bots in the sword pool (very close with duo Hector because of that bolt tower skill is really strong and unique too), while the majority of top swords are just variations of "me stronk, me kill everything in path". Like, I legit cannot tell you the differences between Mareeta, Larcei, and Shannan off the top of my head, and they literally all came out within 2 months ago or something...
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User Info: qrqwqrqrq

3 days ago#4
Male Corrin for that sweet sweet baby sitting meta S support boost.
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User Info: Buster-Blader

3 days ago#5
Roy and Friends VS. Series:

User Info: km25

3 days ago#6
If Altina is considered a candidate for best sword user then so should Laslow.

qrqwqrqrq posted...
Male Corrin for that sweet sweet baby sitting meta S support boost.

LEliwood provides superior boosts without placement requirements.

User Info: Notwhoyouthink

3 days ago#7
i would vote altina but she came home with -atk which makes me very sad

so if until she wins vg without any issues (pls) i will give me vote mareeta (who came home with +spd) no matter how wrong it is
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User Info: quantumchem5

3 days ago#8
qrqwqrqrq posted...
Male Corrin for that sweet sweet baby sitting meta S support boost.
Lol. He's the main reason why Zelgius was able to beat many abyssal LHB/MHB maps when he was non-merged at the time. I didn't use him for babysitting meta, but mostly for PvE content. I have two of them, so the Yato buff stacks for Zelgius to pack a punch.

It's hard for me to select who is the best sword unit. Mareeta, Larcei, and Altina are the top choices. I'm probably going for Mareeta.
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User Info: Poison-puffs

3 days ago#9
Mareeta > Altina why because in a sequentially ranked hierarchy based on level of critical importance, the disparity between them is too vast to quantify.
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User Info: Atturri

3 days ago#10
Altina, unless you + 10 her with max investment, will be mostly useless at low merges due to her low spd and not high enough atk.She will die if she fails to kill the enemy. In the other hand Mareeta is usable at low merges because her spd is so high already and NFU+ Close Call is busted.

Mareeta has way less counter than Altina and the rest of the red swords. She can do things like no others can like tanking Rein and Ophelia and most of blue units. And counters most of Astra threats like Duma, Lif, Tibarn etc....Altina will struggle alot when facing cav-line strats where B!Lyn and Healer will destroy her easily.
(edited 3 days ago)
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