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  3. Why must Rath be yet another green bow...?

User Info: Thani

2 weeks ago#1
I already have a +2 Sue. I'm working on +10ing Python (currently at +3). I love Rath but do I NEED another green horse archer? Goodness me, he could've easily been red or even colorless...
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User Info: Meganium7

2 weeks ago#2
just buy more orbs to roll for other colored archers, summoner

and don't forget to purchase feh pass

User Info: Oresama

2 weeks ago#3
Someone at IS has a boner for green bow cavs ~
6* when?

User Info: Poison-puffs

2 weeks ago#4
Right I really wanted to build him
Killer Queen has already touched this post.

User Info: SilentWanderer

2 weeks ago#5
Red is for sword infantry
Blue is for lance fliers
Green is for bow cavs as well as what I$ sees

'Tis serendipitous that I don't have Sue and haven't built Python yet.

User Info: archidus

2 weeks ago#6
IS thinks every Sacaen archer needs to be green
Brave Lyn is/was so good she cursed every other Sacaen archer to be green, including her own legendary alt
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User Info: Steamroll

2 weeks ago#7
Its kind of annoying tbh, if there's any consolation to this then its that he's probably faster than Python? Yay?

Man I really wanted to build Rath... I may still anyway he's obviously the demote.

I have exactly 1 python so I'm not doing well there either anyway.

User Info: Toshiro2099

2 weeks ago#8
Can I have your luck summoning him then? I could use a horse archer.

User Info: RavingSwoobat

2 weeks ago#9
Yeah. Kind of upset about it myself. I was hoping colourless or Red, but another green archer? I just finished +10ing Python, too. I really don't know why IS is allergic to other Bow colours, especially red.

User Info: catchthemouser

2 weeks ago#10
Poison-puffs posted...
Right I really wanted to build him
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  3. Why must Rath be yet another green bow...?
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