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  3. Ok ladies~ who is the SMEXIEST 4 star character?! ;)

User Info: albertojz356

6 days ago#11
Linus duh
Here we go

User Info: StellaLunaris

6 days ago#12
Oooof, this is a hard one.

I say Naesala, because he can wrap you up in his wings when you hug him.
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User Info: Erisuu

6 days ago#13
Honestly if he was older I’d say Ross lol, and second would be Berkut. From this list I’ll go with Reinhardt though.

User Info: JCoconut

6 days ago#14
BloodMoon7 posted...
That's like telling me he's a really nice guy!

Just joking
You soften your blows when it's for Spiega? 🤔
(edited 6 days ago)

User Info: Sideus

6 days ago#15
Rath and it's not close. His only viable competition is traps, which is basically cheating.
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User Info: 123tjaw

6 days ago#16
"Evil is evil, no matter how hot." -Joker Persona Q2
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User Info: JCoconut

6 days ago#18
Ad_Victoriam posted...
Remember when you f***ed off from the board and didn't come back? Good times.
Leave Spiega alone 👍
Out of this list? Probably Hawkeye.
Claude von Riegan is best boy

User Info: Infost

6 days ago#20
TC literally kept track of every woman on the board lol. >_>
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  3. Ok ladies~ who is the SMEXIEST 4 star character?! ;)
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